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Former Police Commissioner Affidavit Exposes Crime Rings Among Public Officials

 In regards to our previously reported story seen here Ex-federal cabinet minister Julian Fantino takes aim at judge, cops, lawyers, in regards to Mr. Fantino's filing of an affidavit in defence of Mr. Donald Best. We have previously posted that as soon as possible we would share Mr. Fantino's affidavit, we will now share parts of it as well as a link to the entire affidavit. First however we will share an exert from Donald where Mr. Donald Best himself clears the air on a few issues surrounding the Toronto Star article mentioned in the previous post and in relation to Mr. Fantino's affidavit.

 See exert from Mr. Best below,


Former top-cop details evidence of corrupt acts by lawyers, police, judge
Four years after the Toronto Star first refused to cover the Donald Best story and deleted all mention of the name from the comments section of their website, the newspaper about-faced and published an article about former Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino applying to intervene in Best’s judicial review about the Canadian Judicial Council and Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy.
The Toronto Star article opens with the following bombshell statement:
“Former Conservative cabinet minister and provincial police commissioner Julian Fantino has accused a Canadian judge, lawyers and several police forces of acting improperly and even illegally in the conviction and jailing of a man for contempt of court.”
After the Toronto Star published first, the National Post, the Globe and Mail and a host of smaller outlets carried the same Colin Perkel Canadian Press story of corrupt acts by police, lawyers and a judge. (Toronto Star: Ex-federal cabinet minister Julian Fantino takes aim at judge, cops, lawyers)
Yes, Colin Perkel’s article contains important errors and omissions (some of which I correct below) and no link is provided to an actual copy of Fantino’s affidavit (pdf 8.7mb), but at least readers are now aware of an important story that was concealed from them.
The big story is that the after years of participating in a cover-up, the news media is finally acknowledging that this story is not going away, that it is important and that the supporting facts and evidence are as credible as they are disturbing.
In short, it seems likely that the Canadian news media came to the conclusion that the press could no longer withhold the Donald Best story from the public without further loss of credibility and relevance. It took the news media three months to mention Fantino’s September 28, 2017 sworn affidavit. Even then the media did not name any of the principal subjects in this story of corruption with the exception of Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy whose name is on the official style of cause filed at court.
I’ll fix that naming omission in a moment, but first I want to address just a few of the important errors and omissions in Perkel’s article:
  • Contrary to the article’s statement that Justice Shaughnessy found me guilty of contempt of court in 2013, Shaughnessy found me guilty on January 15, 2010 at a civil court hearing that I was not told about and was not present for. Nobody represented me at the hearing. I was in Asia at the time.
  • Justice Shaughnessy convicted me based upon several lawyers’ provably false testimony – and also upon a deceitful affidavit by an ‘expert witness’ who concealed from the court that he was a serving Ontario Provincial Police detective sergeant corruptly taking bribes from the lawyers to provide them with access to confidential police information.
  • The lawyers falsely told Justice Shaughnessy in writing and orally on the court record that during a November 17, 2009 phone call with them, I had ‘confessed’ to receiving a certain court order. In fact I said exactly the opposite, that I had not received the order – but the corrupt lawyers lied to the judge. Too bad for the lawyers that I have recordings of the call that prove they lied to the judge.
  • I returned to Canada and applied to Justice Shaughnessy to remove my conviction and sentence. I presented forensically certified telephone recordings, transcripts and other credible evidence that proved the lawyers lied to the court to obtain my conviction.
  • At a hearing in May of 2013, Justice Shaughnessy refused to consider any new evidence showing my innocence. He did not listen to the recordings. He also refused to allow me to cross-examine the witnesses (lawyers and corrupt police) upon whose false evidence he had convicted and sentenced me in January 2010 while I was in Asia.
  • On May 3, 2013 Justice Shaughnessy refused to overturn my 2010 conviction for Contempt of Court and sent me to prison to serve the 3 month sentence he had already imposed in 2010.
  • After court ended on May 3, 2013, Justice Shaughnessy went to a backroom and there, off the court record and without a hearing, trial or transcript, secretly increased my prison sentence by 50% without notifying me. He secretly created a new warrant of committal with increased jail time that he gave only to the prison authorities. He did not file the new secret warrant with the courts or make mention of it anywhere in the records.
  • Later, higher courts denied me the right to appeal my conviction because I could not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs earlier awarded to the other side on the basis of their provably fabricated and false evidence.
  • I was not even allowed to cross-examine the lawyers and other witnesses that Shaughnessy relied upon to convict and imprison me. I was not allowed to cross-examine the corrupt Ontario Provincial Police officer. To this day, no court has listened to the forensically certified voice recordings of my telephone call with the lawyers that prove the lawyers lied to the court to convict and imprison me.
  • Every judgment of every reviewing court considered only the evidence that Justice Shaughnessy allowed. Every judgment of every reviewing court is tainted by the fact that Justice Shaughnessy and all the reviewing courts deliberately excluded the evidence that exonerated me. 
  • When I could not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in previous court costs, the court refused to hear my appeal. I served 63 days in prison because I could not pay court costs awarded during a civil matter; with every minute spent in solitary confinement as I am a former police officer. Prison authorities said that solitary was the only place where they could keep a former police officer alive.
This is also the true story of how, when confronted with forensically certified telephone recordings and other irrefutable evidence proving that lawyers fabricated evidence and lied to the court to convict a person of contempt – the Canadian legal profession and courts closed ranks to save the corrupt lawyers, even when that meant sending an innocent man to prison...

   See the source below for the full story,
News media censorship of Julian Fantino’s Canadian Judicial Council intervention crumbles as Toronto Star publishes bombshell article


 Now see exerts from Julien Fantino's Affidavit filed in defence of Mr. Donald Best after Mr. Best was framed by a ring of corrupt public officials. Unfortunately the Judge presiding this matter has refused to allow the affidavit to be accepted. The affidavit is to long to post its 73 pages entirely so we will simply post some snapshots of the file. Anyone wishing for a copy of this file can see Mr. Fantino's Affidavit here.

 Here are a few snapshots of the Affidavit filed in Canadian Supreme Court yet refused as evidence by a Court which seemingly does not adhere to the rule of law.

For brevities sake that is all we will share for the time being of this affidavit. Although to my knowledge this story is not related directly to the BC Securities Commission nor the Ontario Commission I share this story here on this blog in because I believe that it is important the public understand just how corrupted many public officials throughout the system really are. These kinds of stories are happening across the country.
 Although we know there are good individuals inside these various seemingly rogue agencies more often then not the ones calling the shots are guilty of criminal malfeasance, conduct unbecoming of a public official and negligence at best and a wide variety of RICO crime at worst.
It is vital the public understand that this is how the culture of impunity and denial has been allowed to take over our financial regulatory systems as well as many of our courtrooms and that is why I share it here on this blog regarding the financial regulatory sector.

More to come..

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