Saturday, 5 August 2017

BCIMC Attempts To Murder Jack English?

We have previously reported many times on the story of Jack English and how he was driven off his land and had his home destroyed so the BCIMC and the BC Government could steal his property.

Our last report included an affidavit from an RCMP Inspector detailing the extent of the corruption.
Police Evidence Of Criminal Networks Of Lawyers, Judges and Public Officials

The full story on the English Family can be seen below,
The Full Story On BCIMC and its Crimes Against Canadians and the English Family

We have reported on the connection between the BCIMC and the BCSC here among other posts.
BCSC Holds BCIMC Securities - Does BCSC Know The Meaning Of Words Like Integrity and Conflict Of Interest?

 Now we will share another letter to the RCMP, this one is in regards to another attempt to take the life of Mr. English due to his continued defence of himself and refusal to go away silently after the BCIMC stole his $200 Million dollar property near Tofino.


From: john carten <>
Sent: Thursday, August 3, 2017 11:29:26 AM
To: Nicholas COTTON
Cc: John English - Pacific Rim
Subject: More Evidence of Corruption in the Courts and another Attempt to Murder Mr. English
RCMP Constable Cotton:

I am attaching for your consideration a copy of retired RCMP Inspector Majcher's affidavit filed in the Supreme Court of Canada on July 19, 2017. This should assist you in your ongoing investigations and in dealing with your superiors in the RCMP and at the Department of Justice.   
Former RCMP Inspector attests to the fact that during his career with the RCMP he encountered "evidence of payoffs, bribery and case fixing that involved judges lawyers and court registry staff in various parts of Canada" (para. 4) and that "senior members of the RCMP and DOJ ... refused to investigate or bring charges against any of the lawyers judges or court registry staff involved in the corruption" (para. 6).
These comments by retired RCMP Inspector Majcher corroborate and give credence to the allegations of Mr. English and I that Justices Saunders, Bennett and Garson at the Court of Appeal and Justice Bracken and Master Keighley at the Supreme Court were involved in case fixing in the case brought by Victoria lawyer Greg Harney against Mr. English for his outrageous half million dollar bill for a few days of court work and explain why successive complaints by me concerning the crimes committed by judges and lawyers in the Sun Belt Water Inc. proceedings and various proceedings involving Ms. Gibbs and I have not been investigated and the guilty have not been prosecuted.  
Furthermore, late last week there was what appears to have been an additional attempt to murder Mr. English when someone tampered with his steering wheel while it was parked at the Duke Point Ferry overnight lot. Fortunately, the steering wheel came off while the  car was still in the parking lot and not while he was on the highway which appeared to be the obvious intent. Mechanics who examined the vehicle reported that someone must have tampered with the steering wheel mechanism because one must use specialized equipment to loosen and disengage a steering wheel. 
Yours truly,
John Frederick Carten
British Columbia, Canada
When will the RCMP stop covering for criminal bureaucrats and public officials and ensure justice for Canadians? What they don't understand is that justice is soon coming to this planet whether they know it or not..

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