Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The whole regulatory culture in BC has a policy instead of parroting: "We are not allowed to look at the Criminal Code".

The following is an exert from an ongoing email conversation between numerous parties working to restore justice in the financial sector in Canada. It was written by Alan Blanes who has been working tirelessly to uncover the criminal actions of our financial regulators after his father was robbed by Investors Group, we have previously reported on such stories here among other posts.
CBC Go Public - Report on Forged Documents


"A very significant aspect of the lawlessness that has arisen from the non-regulated SRO culture [self regulated organization], is its providing an impunity system for fraud and related violations of Sections 361-363 and 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada, that in a sane world, would be governing the sales of securities - stopping their sales under false pretenses.
I have spent a decade looking at the structural barriers to having the criminal code recognized and enforced in Canada on investment sales. There is a demonstrable unwillingness on the part of the mediative resources such as OBSI, Ombudsman on Banking Services and Investment, to assert any acknowledgement of the foundations of good faith.  OBSI will not acknowledge evidence of  dishonest dealing - but is only interested, in the case I have witnessed, is in getting the swindled client to sell the fraudulently dumped product. OBSI has shown that it is not willing to look at the extortion-type gag orders that the investment broker is willing to impose on the victim, in exchange for returning their funds. It claims that it is only looking at the matter of whether losses have been experienced by the client - but appears to not understand that sticking a client in a hidden 7 year lock in and putting a client's savings at risk - when the client has contracted for guaranteed savings - is against the law, and the law will only be enforced if those who see the evidence of violations are willing to document the malfeasance and take a stand against it with law enforcement. The whole regulatory culture in BC has a policy instead of parroting: "We are not allowed to look at the Criminal Code". 
In the past decade, I have saved hundreds of e-mail items of correspondence with the organization that are supposed to be guarding good faith practices in the marketing of securities; I have seen and saved countless replies that show clearly that the practices of deceptive dealing are now being protected by the very organizations that are supposed to be protecting the public. I have never found any interest in making sure that the Rule 2500 of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada - that requires confirmation of new accounts by having another staff person within an investment brokerage, check with the client to ensure that the client is actually placed in the securities that they have chosen to contract for. This missing factor is responsible for many elderly people being subjected to enormous legal expenses, and years of unnecessary torment. 
CBC GO PUBLIC has uncovered a lot of facts that the Canadian public has up until now, not been made aware of. My dad's case is central to some of the coverage cited here:
The Green Party of BC is holding its AGM in Sidney on August 18 and 19. I am volunteering at that conference, and I am interested in finding anyone who shares my concern for getting rule of law restored in securities and investment in Canada. BC has been among the most lawless jurisdictions over the past several years. If the Green Party and the NDP could begin a dialogue on this topic - and create a tag team approach to getting the public on side, by reinforcing each other with coherent proposals for building an honest investment oversight system, this problem will be contained."
Alan Blanes 
Ph 250-300-8400
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

BC Securities Commission Chooses Not To Appeal Court Loss

Further news on the matter of Poonian v. BCSC in the BC Court of Appeals.

 We have previously reported victory for Mr. Poonian in the BC Court of Appeals at the link below.
Breaking News - Poonian v. BCSC

 After speaking with Mr. Poonian we have learned the BC Securities Commission will not seek leave to appeal this loss in Canadian Supreme Court.

More to come..

Thursday, 10 August 2017

To the Attention of Andrew Kriegler CEO of the IIROC

Below is a copy of a letter that is part of an ongoing conversation regarding restoring the rule of law in Canadas financial markets, the letter is penned by Alan Blanes who has made many guest posts on this blog and others in regards to this topic. Alan is a member of the Council of Canadians as well a the lead contact for PBI the Public Banking Institute in Canada. His and his father Harold's story went public on CBC recently, some of which can be seen here.
CBC Reports on Forged Documents

 See the letter below regarding the utter disregard for the rule of law by agencies such as the IIROC. As we have demonstrated many times the BCSC is not the only corrupted financial regulator in Canada. The entire system is a sham.


Thanks for this Peter,
Also to the attention of Andrew Kriegler

I am very interested in finding out where things stand with regard to ending the misappropriation of the term "ombudsman" with regard to complaints against deceptive dealing in securities in Canada. I was able to trace 29 examples of where my dad had documented fraudulent practices by investment dealers and reported the evidence to compliance officers, senior managers, OBSI, regulators, government councils and commissions, and political representatives. A consistent response was to utterly ignore the evidence and the clear questions that were stated in clear sentences, to each of these authorities. The responses uniformly were to fail completely to engage on the questions, failure to register any recognition of the evidence, and failure to summarize the evidence to others with responsibilities to follow up on the evidence. 
OBSI was indefensible and inexusable in its wilful policy of disregarding facts that show explicitly that Harold Blanes had contracted for a tangible service with one of these brokerages, for GICs to be held in trust. He had sent the contract for this agreement to a number authorities, who have never acknowledged this agreement, preferring instead to do as Karen Budden of OBSI did, to try to get Harold Blanes to agree to "sell" the defective and unasked for seg. funds that he had involuntarily been placed in. Harold Blanes was aware enough to understand that agreeing to sell such unrequested products would be de facto acknowledgement of ownership, which he refused all along. 
At no time did any of the pretend mediators such as Karen Budden ever question the matter of Rule 2500 of IIROC having been, or not been, carried out; i.e., had anyone else in the firm verified that the client was in what the consultant had represented to the client. This pattern is uniform. Karen Budden is by no mean alone; her performance is symptomatic of the bad faith performance that runs through all of Harold Blanes' experience with the impunity that has been given to predatory and dishonest investment brokerage services. 
What has been shocking is that IIROC itself totally ignores the matter of whether there is a paper trail of applying Rule 2500 - and when there is zero evidence of this rule having been followed, IIROC plays dumb on this. It is obvious that from the Harold Blanes experience, IIROC has this rule only for show. As someone who has exhaustively researched IIROC complaint history, I would ask you Peter, if you have ever encountered a case where IIROC has a documented example of where an  IIROC or former IDA investigator has ever bothered to determine if a client account had ever been looked at by another person within the company to determine by asking the client - if the client was in what they thought they were in. Any example of a case where IIROC actually took their policy seriously would be a valuable piece of evidence. 
I am sending this message to the CEO of IIROC Mr. Andrew Kriegler, asking if he can provide one example of where a complaint resulted in a questioning of whether Rule 2500 was actually carried out in the management of an account. I would be surprised if he is willing and/or able to answer this question. 
I would expect that OBSI would be willing to put this Rule 2500 matter into their performance as a mediator. Thus far, their performance has been surprisingly indulgent of fraudulent practices, and has resulted in an ombuds-service fiasco. 
 More to come..

Monday, 7 August 2017

What Does the BCSC Do All Day? It Certainly Does Not Administer Justice Or Protect The Public

 Dear Brenda Leong, CEO of the BCSC:

  When will the BC Securities Commission do its job and administer justice to the people of this nation?

  We have documented many crimes of the BC Securities Commission in regards to multiple cases besides the U-GO Brands/Spyru saga. It would seem that the criminal actions experienced in our case (U-Go Brands) are pretty much standard procedures. Collude, extort, intimidate, obstruct, deny, deny and hide behind a wall of silence.

 We have warned you this will no longer be tolerated, justice is soon coming to this planet.

 We will now demonstrate a letter from a shareholder in a company that was called St. Elias Gold (SLI) that was destroyed so that the CEO and others could rob the shareholders of what may be one of the largest gold deposits in history. We have previously reported on this story here.
The Story of St. Elias Gold - Another Multi Billion Dollar Frap Operation for A Shadow Company?

 Posted below is a letter to public officials at the BCSC and the TSX regarding the fraud that took place from a shareholder of SLI who was left like the others with worthless shares after a bait and switch scheme swapped out the valuable real estate for worthless dirt.


I recently contacted both the BCSC and TSX and was surprised by the response I received. 
First I emailed BCSC to follow up on Mr. Costin's promise to speak to the TSX on the Cueva Blanca sale. His response was that Mr. Shon is no longer with the TSX but it was his understanding that they would look into my concerns.
I then contacted the TSX regarding this. Their response:
All investigations and communications between an Exchange listed issuer and the Exchange are private and confidential.  Normally, we do not provide any data to outside parties unless required to do so by law.  A full review was completed and all files were closed June 17, 2013. 
June 17, 2013????? Lori didn't even put out the NR about the sale of the Cueva Blance until July of 2013, then it took me almost a year to discover that Harold Waller was the buyer of it. When I sent the documents to him he answered by saying he is unable to read Spanish.
This tells me that any complaint we have made to the TSX since 2013 has been filed in the trash bin, including pics of the core shack at the Tesoro in 2014 to which Shon responded "Prove this is the Tesoro". 
Also, my email in 2015 apparently was not investigated even with providing Purolator  receipt:
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 9:04 AM
 Jeffrey Shon; 
[email protected]
 St. Elias Mines
To Whom It May Concern: 
I am writing once again to present more information for the ongoing investigation of St. Elias Mines Ltd. 
In the past, many shareholders have forwarded their concerns regarding possible wrongdoings of management. 
Just to list a few: 
We have provided audio of the CEO addressing the shareholders making false claims about Quantec’s involvement in Peru. 
We have questioned the missing azimuths from the drill results, a requirement set forth in the 43-101. 
I have provided documents showing our B.C. properties being flipped between management and family members for large profits. I have also shown how our Peruvian property, Cueva Blanca, was sold to the company of an SLI employee, not to Minera Elemento 79 as stated in a news release. This is clearly a non arms length transaction. 
In July of 2014, a news release was put out stating that SLI had let the remaining properties lapse, followed 3 days later by another news release saying that “actually” the vigencias and penalties had been paid on 4 of the claims. 
So, in response to a June news release, stating “The Company is open to any serious offers to acquire any properties in its portfolio.”, a group of shareholders sent in an offer to purchase the remaining Peruvian properties. I have attached the offer, to which we have received absolutely no response from management. I have also provided the Purolator tracking letter, showing that all 3 copies were signed for by 3 different employees at the St. Elias head office in Vancouver. Several attempts of earlier delivery were made to no avail as no one was there for receipt. One of the copies was originally sent to the CEO’s home address but was not received so Purolator was instructed to deliver that one to the office also. 
Oct 23, 20141:15 p.m.Vancouver, BCShipment delivered to CLAUDA at: RECEPTION

Oct 15, 20143:40 p.m.Vancouver, BCShipment delivered to SUZAN at: RECEPTION

Oct 20, 20142:02 p.m.Vancouver, BCShipment delivered to CATHY at: RECEPTION

I trust you will look into this matter as part of your investigation.


     The letter(s) were written by Sherrie Wagg a shareholder of St. Elias. Brenda, what is it you and your gang down on West Georgia St. do all day? Certainly not protect the public or administer justice.
Christopher Burke             

Saturday, 5 August 2017

BCIMC Attempts To Murder Jack English?

We have previously reported many times on the story of Jack English and how he was driven off his land and had his home destroyed so the BCIMC and the BC Government could steal his property.

Our last report included an affidavit from an RCMP Inspector detailing the extent of the corruption.
Police Evidence Of Criminal Networks Of Lawyers, Judges and Public Officials

The full story on the English Family can be seen below,
The Full Story On BCIMC and its Crimes Against Canadians and the English Family

We have reported on the connection between the BCIMC and the BCSC here among other posts.
BCSC Holds BCIMC Securities - Does BCSC Know The Meaning Of Words Like Integrity and Conflict Of Interest?

 Now we will share another letter to the RCMP, this one is in regards to another attempt to take the life of Mr. English due to his continued defence of himself and refusal to go away silently after the BCIMC stole his $200 Million dollar property near Tofino.


From: john carten <>
Sent: Thursday, August 3, 2017 11:29:26 AM
To: Nicholas COTTON
Cc: John English - Pacific Rim
Subject: More Evidence of Corruption in the Courts and another Attempt to Murder Mr. English
RCMP Constable Cotton:

I am attaching for your consideration a copy of retired RCMP Inspector Majcher's affidavit filed in the Supreme Court of Canada on July 19, 2017. This should assist you in your ongoing investigations and in dealing with your superiors in the RCMP and at the Department of Justice.   
Former RCMP Inspector attests to the fact that during his career with the RCMP he encountered "evidence of payoffs, bribery and case fixing that involved judges lawyers and court registry staff in various parts of Canada" (para. 4) and that "senior members of the RCMP and DOJ ... refused to investigate or bring charges against any of the lawyers judges or court registry staff involved in the corruption" (para. 6).
These comments by retired RCMP Inspector Majcher corroborate and give credence to the allegations of Mr. English and I that Justices Saunders, Bennett and Garson at the Court of Appeal and Justice Bracken and Master Keighley at the Supreme Court were involved in case fixing in the case brought by Victoria lawyer Greg Harney against Mr. English for his outrageous half million dollar bill for a few days of court work and explain why successive complaints by me concerning the crimes committed by judges and lawyers in the Sun Belt Water Inc. proceedings and various proceedings involving Ms. Gibbs and I have not been investigated and the guilty have not been prosecuted.  
Furthermore, late last week there was what appears to have been an additional attempt to murder Mr. English when someone tampered with his steering wheel while it was parked at the Duke Point Ferry overnight lot. Fortunately, the steering wheel came off while the  car was still in the parking lot and not while he was on the highway which appeared to be the obvious intent. Mechanics who examined the vehicle reported that someone must have tampered with the steering wheel mechanism because one must use specialized equipment to loosen and disengage a steering wheel. 
Yours truly,
John Frederick Carten
British Columbia, Canada
When will the RCMP stop covering for criminal bureaucrats and public officials and ensure justice for Canadians? What they don't understand is that justice is soon coming to this planet whether they know it or not..