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 More on the case of how the English Family had their home destroyed and property stolen by a corrupted ring of public officials and lawyers in British Columbia, we have previously reported on the story here among other posts.

 Now the Canadian Supreme Court refuses to allow justice to proceed by blocking evidence that would show former BCIMC Lawyer Greg Harney Guilty in mass criminal conspiracy.
July 23, 2017.
Supreme Court of Canada refuses Motion to Adduce New Evidence in the case of Angleland v. Harney
involving a lawyer accused of fabricating evidence in a Judicial Proceeding (indictable criminal offence
under section 137 of Canada Criminal Code) thus supporting lawyer corruption and fraudulent client
asset BC Lawyer, Greg Harney.
see     Greg Harney -  The Rip-off Report...
and   and
Money Laundering and Cocaine connections also alleged.
Supreme Court of Canada refuses to look at lawyer's crimes and judicial collusion in Courts below
even though sworn evidence is provided by a former RCMP Inspector confirming evidence of
corrupt Judges and Lawyers in Canada and Alberta Court of Appeal Decision of June 21, 2017
stating concerns about perception of case manipulation in judge selection process and Harney
appeal case panel was changed from Justices Bauman, Goepel and Harris to Justices Saunders,
Bennett, and Garson an hour before the Hearing!!!!
And the appellant provided sworn fully documented evidence of Lawyer Harney's criminal fabrication
and illegal filing of doctored account 2 weeks before the trial.
This evidence too was ignored by both the BC Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.
Complaints made to the Law Society and Canadian Judicial Council and Victoria City Police also were ignored.
it appears that Lawyer Harney is above the law...
Sent: July 23, 2017 9:37 PM
To: Scott Brison - Treasury Board President; Stephane Dion - Minister of Foreign Affairs; Ralph Goodale - Minister of Public Safety; John McCallum - Minister of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship; Bill Morneau - Minister of Finance; Carolyn Bennett Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs; Jim Carr - Minister of Natural Resources (Water); Bardish Chagger - Minister of Small Business and Tourism; Jean-Yves Duclos - Minister of Families Chindren and Social Development; Kirsty Duncan - Minister of Science; Judy Foote - Minister of Public Works and Procurement; Christia Freeland - Minister of International Trade; Patty Hajdu Minister of Status of Women; Kent Hehr - Minister of Veterans Affairs; Melanie Joly - Minister of Canadian Heritage; Diane Lebouthillier - Minister of Revenue; Catherine McKenna - Minister of International Trade; Mary Ann Mihychuk - Minister of Employment Workforce Development and Labour; Jane Philipott - Minister of Health; Amarjeet Sohi - Minister of Infrastructure and Communities; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Dominic Leblanc - House Leader; Jody Wilson - Raybould - Minister of Justice and Attorney General; Lawrence MacAulay - Minister of Agriculture; Marc Garneau - Minister of Transport (Canada); The Honourable John Horgan Premier of British Columbia; David Eby Minister of Justice and Attorney General for BC; Mike Farnsworth Minister of Public Safety and Attorney General for British Columbia
Cc: John English - Pacific Rim; The Honourable Tom Mulcair;; Christy Clark.MLA;
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Colleagues and British Columbia Premier Horgan and Colleagues:
The attached affidavit filed in the Supreme Courtof Canada on July 19, 2017 by highly decorated and highly credible former RCMP Inspector William Majcher confirms that:
  1. There are networks of criminals, consisting of judges, lawyers and court registry staff accepting "bribes and payoffs" in exchange for fixing the outcome of cases operating inside the administration of justice throughout Canada. 
  2. That RCMP is aware of these networks of criminals operating within the administration of justice but refuses to initiate the process of bringing criminal charges against the individuals involved .
 This is a matter that falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministers of Justice and Public Safety for Canada and all Canadian Provinces and Territories, especially British Columbia an international center of money laundering, child trafficking, and other serious crimes against our Canadian community.
The affidavit was filed in the Supreme Court of Canada to assist the English family in a process to recover their property stolen from them by the British Columbia government using a network of crooked lawyers, judges and court staff. 
The Law Society of British Columbia has refused to investigate multiple complaints by lawyers involved in the criminal conspiracy against the English family. I can personally attest to the fact that this is common practice by that particular Law Society which has collectively abandoned its duty to protect the public interest. 
This is a serious state of affairs that must be addressed by the ministers responsible for the integrity of our policing services and the administration of our justice system.  
Guilty people, i.e. drug dealers, money launderers, rapists, murderers, thieves, swindlers etc., are being permitted to continue their criminal activities while innocent people, the victims, are losing their property and other assets aided and abetted by the criminal gangs that operate within our justice system. 
Guilty lawyers judges and court registry officials are continuing to carry out their crimes with impunity. 
The Ministers of Public Safety, for both Canada and British Columbia must command the national and local officials in the RCMP to make the prosecution of crooked judges, lawyers and court registry staff a high priority. 
The Ministers of Justice, for both Canada and British Columbia, must exercise the power conferred upon them by section 63(1) of the Judges Act an direct the Canadian Judicial Council to  carry out full and competent investigation of allegations of corruption by Canadian Judges - something they have consistently failed to do.  
The Supreme Court of Canada refused the Client's Notice of Motion to Adduce New Evidence and refused their appeal on Thursday July 20, 2017, thereby allowing a massive quarter of a million dollar fraudulent legal account to stand against the Appellants, Angleland Holdings (the English Family and Pacific Rim Resort)..
Lawyer Crime and Judicial Corruption is alive and well in Canada thanks to the Supreme Court of Canada!
Canada is still the most corrupt country in the world according to the Globe and Mail,Transparency
International and RCMP Inspector William Majcher's Affidavit.
Inspector Majcher was responsible for arresting and convicting another corrupt B.C. lawyer, Martin Chambers, known as the "Lex Luther" of organized crime in Canada, in a joint sting in Florida with the FBI.
Chambers was sentenced to 12 years in prison for money laundering.

For further information call J. D. English  (250) 510-9474.
  See the Afffidavit of former RCMP Inspector Mr. Majcher in regards to corruption among lawyers and officers of the court in Canada below.



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  1. I spent the past two years trying to protect my property from a group of crooked lawyers, judges, court clerks and government officials opereating out of the New Westminster Courthouse I knew I was at a disadvantage as a self represented litigant, but I was confident the judge would see through the obvious lies and sneaky tactics they were using to manipulate the proceeding and I was sure once the judge heard my side of the story and seen my evidence he would grant me the right to claim the property that was legally mine.

    ⦁ Using the power of the court they denied my right to claim property I legally own, my property was taken and the case was fixed to make it look like what they did was legal. I didnt even stand a chance.

    ⦁ You are going to be shocked when I tell you what they did but I have court documents to prove what Im telling you is true. First I will explain why such an interest in my property

    ⦁ The property is located in Whonnock BC on the banks of the Fraser River on land that supported human life more than 12000 years ago. The site was an ancient Indian villiage with a sacred burial ground and 100's of registered gold claims in the area and if history books are correct, there is a gold mine hidden on the property, known as "the lost gold mine on Whonnock Creek." which is said to have billions of dollars worth of gold just waiting to be rediscovered.

    ⦁ I found the entrance to an old gold mine that was purposely hidden on our property and according to an an old crown grant the government may remove gold from the property but must pay the owner of the property a reasonsable fee and a resonable fee for billions of dollars would be good reason to take the property.

    ⦁ Another reason for interest could be the man made creek that was dug out of the mountain hillside in the 1800's for the purpose of mining gold and delivers a constant flow of mountain fresh water eleven months of the year. Most water in BC is owned by the government but the creek on our property is unrecorded, non fishbearing surface runoff and the government does not own the water that flows through it until it reaches the Fraser River

    The following is a brief discription of the corruption that took place during my court case. The names of the Judges and court staff are not included and personal and finnancial details are brief. I understand additional documents and details are needed to prove what I am saying is true and I will provide this information upon request.

    ⦁ The Judicial Case Conference was January 2016 and the defendants lawyer, Mr Elworthy was told to have a trial date set within sixty(60) days. Ten(10) months later, Mr Elworthy contacted me with a trial date set for December 1st, 2016. He told me to let him know if I was unavailable on that date and he would set the matter down and book another trial date. I told Elworthy I was unavailable at least three times but due to his lies and sneaky tactics I decided to go to the courthouse on December 1st 2016 just in case.

    ⦁ I arrived at the New Westminster courthouse at 10:30 am December 1st 2016. At 1035 am my name was called to courtroom #410 At 10 40am I was the only person in courtroom # 410 and at 10:42 am, without so much as a glance in my direction, Judge G adjourned courtroom # 410 for the day and left the room.

    ⦁ I asked the court clerk why I had not been called to speak to the judge and she said my case had been adjourned for a future date and advised me to go to the court registry to inquire.

    ⦁ I didn't know it at the time but when Judge G left courtroom #410 he went directly to courtroom #207 where Robert and his lawyer were waiting and while I was at the court registry inquiring about the future court date Judge G struck my Notice of Family Claim.

    This was only the begining I managed to have the case reopened only to have my claim struck a second time in a case that was even more corrupt then the first.

    They do not want my story to be heard but people need to know what is going on so they can protect themselves.