Wednesday, 21 June 2017

CBC Go Public Reports on Forged Financial Documents - More on the Story of Harold Blanes

 We have previously reported on the story of Alan Blanes and his father Harold Blanes and their experience in dealing with corrupted securities regulators, bankers and public officials as well as had the honour of having Alan Blanes as a guest writer on our blog.
 Alan whom is a member of the Council of Canadians as well as the key Canadian contact for the Canadian chapter of the Public Banking Institute has been fighting for social and economic justice for some time now.
 We are happy to report that the story of his fathers fight for justice as well as the continued unraveling of the issue of mass fraud in the Canadian financial system continues to pick up steam.

 This is one of the links to the story we reported on about how certain members of Investors Group attempted to rob an elderly Harold Blanes while he was in a coma by forging bank documents, it is simply a conversation between Alan and various government officials regarding his complaints and the failure of anyone to act.
Canadian Finance Ministry Obstructs Justice

Alan Blanes on Public Banking alternative,
Solutions And Alternatives to the Impending Financial Crisis

Alan Blanes on Self Regulatory Organizations (SRO's) like the IIROC and BCSC,
In Regards To Self Regulating Organizations (SRO's)

 The following is an exert on Harold Blanes (A WWII Veteran) story from another CBC Go Public report,


'It's not right to cheat old people'

Ten years ago, 97-year-old Harold Blanes says he asked his financial consultant to put about $400,000 of retirement savings into GICs — a safe investment, with no risk.
"We didn't want risk," the Kelowna man says. "We wanted our money saved, so we could enjoy it and help the kids with what they needed."
Harold Blanes, 97, says his former financial consultant doctored documents to put him in risky investments, earning her big commissions. (Gary Moore/For CBC)
Blanes says his financial consultant ignored a box he had ticked and initialled, indicating he only wanted to invest his savings for a short term. Instead, documents show that the box next to it was marked with a squiggly line — supposedly someone's initials, says Blanes — allowing the consultant to invest his money for six years.
She ended up putting it into mutual funds that tanked when the market crashed in 2008.
"She said over and over it was all in guaranteed investments," says Blanes. "And we had nothing to worry about."
After years of fighting with those managing his money, Blanes's initial investment was returned. He is now taking his financial consultant to court, estimating he has lost $136,000 in compound interest.
"It's not right at all to cheat old people out of their money," says Blanes. "I think it's disgraceful."
His son, Alan Blanes, says he thinks regulators need to crack down on financial employees who fudge documents and forge signatures.
"Dad's had 10 years of his retirement ruined by having to obsess over this case."

 See the source below for the full story from CBC..                                           
CBC - Financial Industry Employees Forge Documents More Often Then You Think


 More to come..

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