Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Plan to Bankrupt BC Hydro

 We have previously reported a variety of concerning information that has come to light regarding the BC Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) which is the BC Public Servant pension fund of over $120 Billion dollars. We have shown how the BCIMC is simply a tool for our public officials and their masters to extort and loot this province.

 Of course the robbing, looting and destruction of the English family certainly tops the list of the crimes of the BCIMC as can be seen here at
 Details Legal Filings against the BCIMC and co-conspirators can be seen here. The matter has been delayed..

 In addition we have covered how the BC Securities Commission is connected to the BCIMC, it actually owns 'securities' in a financial entity (BCIMC) which it is supposed to regulate!
 See the following for more on this subject The BC Securities Commission-A Regulator Who Regulates Their Own Investments? .html.

 We will further demonstrate how all of this is connected, from the Smart Meter Scandal, to the future destruction of BC Hydro through the Site C Dam, to how the CAI is connected to the CIA, and how the BCIMC and BCSC play large roles in extorting this province as we continue to release information on this blog.

 Now I will share a letter from Mr. English who along with his family was the victim of the malicious attack referred to above. The letter is prior to yesterdays election however due to the in-depth involvement of the likes of Christy Clark in such schemes handcuffs are an equally effective way to remove the criminals in power as a vote.
 Given what we have seen over the past year or two in terms of the truth coming out, the retreat of those who are involved in this criminal enterprise as well as more and more people becoming aware of the crimes of our public officials and their hidden associates, it would not surprise me if Christy Clark is forced to resign at the very least or ends up in a prison cell. Both Americans and Canadians are victims of this mass RICO operation, in fact Canadian Authorities should move to take action if only to ensure they still control their own turf so to speak. According to law Ms. Christy and the gang could very well be liable for their crimes in the US as well as Canada. Various legal tools gives US authorities powers of extradition in international racketeering cases, racketeering on a global scale is exactly what is happening in BC. Just as BCSC employees are not immune to prosecution for criminal offences although it may seem they are, neither are Of course this means the US would have to go to war against an agency that is supposed to protect it as the CIA along with the Cabal of international bankers is among the very factions that is robbing the people of both nations blind.

 A letter from Mr. English below:


Plan to Bankrupt BC Hydro

This is a major reason to Vote for your Independent Candidate in the
BC Provincial Election on May 9, 2017.
All the BC Political Parties are top run dictatorships.
 The people of BC must stop the Site C Dam which will bankrupt BC,
remove Smart Meters like Sasatchewan just did, and return BCIMC
to BC Government Public Management.
 Also the police in Canada and the US should be investigating the role of
Tracey McVicar and CAI Private Equity Partners (New York) in cross border government corruption and conflict of interest in the BC Hydro Smart Meter forced imposition on the health and safety of BC residents orchestrated by
CAI, BCIMC and McVicar and the BC Liberal Government from which they illegally made multi million dollar profits.
Every Independent Candidate in BC would do well to show this video expose of the continuing criminal conspiracy against BC Hydro and the people of BC every night in a local church or meeting hall for free (or by donation)
and hold a Q & A afterwards.
 We need to let BC voters know they need to vote Independent to expose and stop this giant BC Hydro fraudulent takedown by what appears to be a coordinated conspiracy to bankrupt Hydro and sell it to a giant corporate
Private Equity group like CAI Private Equity Partners.
 It looks like the criminal plan is to purposely financially bankrupt BC Hydro so they can make billions off the backs of BC residents and tax payers just like they did with the Smart Meter attack which they illegally orchestrated and profited from to the tune of hundreds of millions while Tracey McVicar was illegally a director of CAI Private Equity, BCIMC and BC Hydro at the same time the smart meter scam was foisted on BC ratepayers..
 McVicar's Vancouver Branch of New York based CAI Private Equity bought the company that supplied the Smart Meters and then she very likely used her position as Director in BC Hydro and BCIMC to approve this scam and health hazard on unsuspecting BC Taxpayers.
CAI Private Equity illegally made hundreds of millions from this massive conflict of interest and conspiracy and then sold the smart meter company after they cashed in and defrauded BC Hydro and endangered BC voters/taxpayers.
This was done with the full approval and assistance of Christy Clark and the
BC Liberal government.
This is a government of criminals!..
It must be stopped.
Stop the takedown of BC Hydro and British Columbia by CAI Private Equity
which is a gang of New York Banksters using BC as their Killing Fields.
The US Department of Justice should be involved as the US Financial Corrupt Practices Act may well being violated here with the actions of CAI Private Equity Group and Tracey McVicar in BC.
Feel free to pass on a complaint to the US DOJ FCPA Division.  
These matters and the involvement of Tracey McVicar should be investigated.
 This gang of criminals embedded in the present BC Government must be stopped before they completely loot this Province and destroy us all..
This is our future and our children's at stake here.
We are under attack by a professional gang of criminals in suits who have
penetrated our government and taken control.
Hydro rates are already so high people are sitting in the cold
as they don't have the money to pay such huge rates.
 The people of BC are being fleeced and bankrupted by the New York
CAI Private Equity Group and their partners in crime, the BC Liberals!
The takedown of BC Hydro will be the Smart Meter Attack times ten!..
Stop the theft of BC Hydro now!
Outlaw IPP's and take back control of BC Hydro and the power, independence and security given in trust to the people of B.C. by WAC Bennett.
Vote Independent! 
Please forward this video/email to your friends and appropriate law enforcement authorities in Canada and the US..

 Now lets have a look at how CAI and the BCIMC partnered up to buy BC Hydro over a decade ago.

  As always more to come..

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