Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Barrick Gold Can't Justify Its Existence Beyond A Bottom Line

 More on Barrick Gold, we have previously reported how Barrick Gold is connected to a global criminal cabal, Saudi Arms dealers, the Bush family, 9/11 events, and the CIA along with its heinous modus operandi in some of the articles below.

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 Now we have an exert from a Huffington Post blogger on that sheds a little more light on the influence of Barrick on Canadian politics as well as the criminal manner in which it operates.

 Exert from the following article on Huffington Post, source below.

Barrick Gold Can't Justify Its Existence Beyond A Bottom Line
Within Canada, Barrick is a right-wing political force. Benefiting from Canadian aid money, Export Development Canada financing and diplomatic support, the company has aggressively opposed moves to withhold diplomatic and financial support to Canadian companies found responsible for significant abuses abroad. Barrick is part of regional corporate lobby groups the Canadian Council of the Americas and the Canadian Council on Africa, as well as being represented on the Senate of the Canadian International Council and the board of the C.D. Howe Institute. The company has sponsored various other right-wing groups and events.
Founder and long-time Barrick CEO Peter Munk has provided at least $60 million (he receives tax credits for donations) to right-wing think tanks such as the Fraser Institute and Frontier Centre for Public Policy as well as the Munk Debates and University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs. In 2010 the Fraser Institute gave Munk its most prestigious award "in recognition of his unwavering commitment to free and open markets around the globe."
If it had to justify its existence beyond making money for capitalists, Barrick, which mainly produces a mineral of limited social value, would have ceased to exist and the world would be better off.

  See the source for full story


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