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The Great American Gold Grab - Insight into the Federal Reserve, Barrick Gold and the Global Gold Fraud

The following is taken from the preface for the Great American Gold grab. This provides extensive insight into the manipulation of Gold over the last 100 years and the players involved.

Below is the first-ever publication of the Preface to the Second Edition of The Great American Gold Grab.
Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The Great American Gold Grab
– Preface to Second Edition –
The Frauds of the Utah Medley Court 1993 & The Theft of the Requa/Hoover Files
by Stephen Herrick Sequa,
On September 9, 2015 I was interviewed in a live two hour broadcast by Dr. Kevin Barrett, an editor and journalist for Veterans Today which has established itself in recent years as the only major and credible U.S. source of in-depth news that has not been subject to “mainstream” evasions, distortions, fabrications, delusions, and fictions. The result was to inject the facts contained in the First Edition of The Great American Gold Grab into the public domain among a receptive audience. This exposure suddenly transformed the efforts being made to expose an unprecedented fraud in the Medley Court of Utah in 1993. On the “Richter Scale” of frauds it reached a maximum level possible of 10.0. This has now created the need for a 2nd Edition of the book to follow the first published in 2009. Much has been discovered and learned since that time, now to be included here in the 2nd Edition. Moreover, the first major benefit has been realized: to have a Richter Scale Court Fraud of Force 10.0 now plainly and fully to be seen in all its magnitude and perfidy. We also now have a broadcaster with Kevin Barrett whose evident great humanity can be heard in these matters, as in all his investigations.
“Humanity” and authenticity is something we have greatly lacked in public discourse ever since John D. Rockefeller started beating the drum in the early 1900s for “eugenics”, as in Nazi eugenics.
The unprecedented frauds conducted through the Tyrone Medley Court commenced on July 20th 1993 with the overnight issuance without Notice or Service of an ex parte Receivership action on a company without debt and with $400,000 in its Utah checking accounts. While egregious personal crimes were conducted against myself by various gangs and persons, including police, the organizers succeeded in manipulating Judge Medley and another Nevada judge into approving the knocking down of bank walls of two vault rooms with heavy equipment in order to steal the Requa/Hoover Files, that had been gathered over almost a century, and with Herbert Hoover and his sons with the Requas starting in 1932s.
The first meeting of Herbert Hoover and Mark L. Requa was arranged in 1917 by the founders and directors of the Federal Reserve Bank with dozens of meetings with President Woodrow Wilson, the bankers, with such other luminaries as Bernard Baruch, and with Federal Reserve director/founder Paul Warburg. By bringing together the two most prominent mining engineers then in the world, it is evident that those bankers had an agenda from 1917 onward: to create what they then did from 1932 onward for several decades. The result was the Requa/Hoover Files which provided the key geological data to locate and develop gold mines and other mines throughout the Western Hemisphere. In the process they expended at least $100,000,000.
An evident agenda of the Federal Reserve Bank, all the way back to 1917, may thus be stated to have been to acquire the greatest amount of gold reserves while the bankers presided over the expected crumbling of the value of the dollar by 95% during their tenure up to its present status. It may now be stated in this 2nd Edition, with the evidence that follows, that the Utah Court Frauds were organized through the bankers of the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank and not a government institution of any sort. Until the theft of the R/H Files, there had been expended by various associates of the Hoovers and Requas at least that $100,000,000, and likely much more, to create them. In 1983 Barrick Gold went public on one file from among the many hundreds of files. The Requas and Hoover in the 1930s had spent $1 million in 1930’s dollars to establish the gold reserves at the Mercur Mine in Utah. After Getty Oil and Barrick Gold solved some metallurgical problems, it produced 1.5 million ounces of gold. Countless other gold mines worth billions of dollars with equal or far larger deposits were at stake with the Requa/Hoover Files. This was thus well known by Barrick Gold since they had gone public on the data of just one Requa/Hoover file..
The first attempted theft of the R/H Files occurred in 1973 when John Paul Getty organized the murder of one Samuel Edelman in San Francisco for the purpose of framing myself and thereby removing my control of the R/H Files, access to which I had denied him. It failed for reasons detailed in this 2nd Edition, and primarily because, on the spur of the moment, I departed the general scene of the crime in San Francisco just before the murder. I was not at hand to be framed, but fabricated FBI files then discovered showed that criminalized FBI agents were in the employ of John Paul Getty to contribute fictions for my being framed, which also evidenced their necessary plan to accomplish my own demise in the process. It similarly seems evident that from that time people in the Requa family were retained to assist in stealing the files and getting them first to John Paul Getty, and then when the Edelman murder frame-up with criminalized FBI agents failed, to those who then did get them in 1993. It was determined by January 2013 that the R/H Files had been covertly taken to the Utah offices of Ray Quinney & Nebekker. William Pepper at that time notified Utah FBI and U.S. Attorneys of this fact, to no resulting effect.
In the major current Criminal Complaint on-line at the book website, an email from a niece to myself in 2004 clearly evidenced that all Requa family persons in the U.S., excepting for my niece in the EU, had conspired in the creation of the Utah Receivership Fraud and the fictions then being generated by my brother Ralph Requa with the very well-evidenced and alleged crimes of the alleged Mafia-corrupted FBI agent Collins then of Utah. As stated, J. Edgar Hoover with oil billionaire H.L. Hunt had inserted Mafia operatives into the FBI, which provided the substance for the criminalization in the FBI COINTELPRO program as detailed in the Church Committee Hearings where Senator Walter Huddleston had stated this:
“the fact that the United States Government [i.e. FBI] would call in two Mafia people to help us eliminate some guy illegally by murder because we disagreed with him was the kind of thing we were confronted with across the board during this investigation.”
But we are now faced with the larger reality that “Mafia corruption” is just one facet of the overall World Crime Syndicate that rules almost supreme. There is in fact, as the Utah events demonstrate, no effective U.S Federal or State law enforcement authorities at all when it comes to dealing with the large scale crimes of the bankers — the central bankers with license to print money. There were no authentic law enforcement agents to be on call by William Pepper in Utah. Whenever so desired in our state of kleptocracy there is no law enforcement whatsoever when the bankers are loose with their kleptomania.
The bankers and the major criminals can simply steal what they like without consequence. This has been the result, largely, of two events. The first was the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 which put private bankers and career criminals in control of the nation’s currency, and thereby capable of making, without detection, unlimited bribes to other criminals. The other event was the assassination of John F. Kennedy which allowed the Mafia operatives of H.L Hunt and J. Edgar Hoover to be channeled into the FBI COINTELPRO program. Although outlawed after the Church Committee Hearings, COINTELPRO — as clearly seen in the Utah events of 1993 —remains alive and well in Utah and elsewhere. With COINTELPRO operations, whether from the Mafia side or the FBI side to defame or trivialize their victims, the practitioners of large organized crimes seldom are inconvenienced.
The criminal “elite” bankers who in fact run the FBI, as evident in Utah, can do anything they like, at least until now in our case with the broadcast on October 9, 2015 of the two hour interview by Dr. Kevin Barrett. Now the COINTELPRO fictions of the Mafia/banker-corrupt Utah FBI have been seen for what they are: major crimes by major criminals — those who corrupted their major petty accomplice as alleged, Ralph Requa, with others. The criminals get away with major crimes very simply: just with flagrant lies to judges and all others — until they are caught and the game is up, as has now started to happen with the Utah court crimes after the October 9, 2015 broadcast. Now the truth in these matters is able to be listened to at any time on-line with this book website.
Legal counsel William F. Pepper wrote the Utah FBI and U.S. Attorneys on January 7, 2013 to advise them that the new evidence showed that the R/H Files had been traced to the Utah law firm of Ray Quinney & Nebekker (RQN) and that “a continuing crime” was in evidence. The total non-action of the Utah FBI then resulted in counsel Pepper advising them that “a new law enforcement team” in Utah was “compelled”.
The fact is that no law enforcement team — in this case or in any other where assets of such great value are at stake — will be able to function at all so long as the central bankers tied to the Federal Reserve Bank are capable and empowered to criminally bribe without limit.
If massive bribes are needed, they can simply print the money on short notice. This reality is what produced the assassinations of the 1960s, and then after those also produced 9/11. Great crimes require great funding easily to be obtained without any tracing possible. That’s what the Federal Reserve Act and Bank provided our “elite” level banking criminals.
RQN, to be noted, is the law firm in Utah for the Federal Reserve Bank and bankers. It was founded by Joseph Quinney who was married to Jesse Eccles, the sister of the longest-term Federal Reserve Chairman, Mariner Eccles. The Washington D.C. building of the Federal Reserve Bank is named The Eccles Building. As detailed in this book it also became of evidence that the Eccles family in Utah were the sources of bribes to maintain cover-ups on the FBI-originating offences, and also paid to generate hostilities and libels against myself. My brother Ralph Requa is well evidenced to have been a primary petty accomplice in contriving the Utah Court Frauds in the Medley Court. He is alleged to have generated widespread libels in a malicious defamation campaign against myself to Banner shareholders and vendors; and, he perjured a Utah court action to prepare for the fraudulent receivership actions by alleging that I was “threatening” my mother, along with other fictitious bizarre acts.
Major organized crimes are present throughout the destruction of Banner International and right up to the present, These are evidenced in the newly-updated website for the book: with the recent Criminal Complaints. It is alleged that Ralph Requa was merely following instructions from Utah COINTELPRO FBI Agent Collins and from RQN and/or from Barrick Gold and G.H.W.Bush with Mafia-corrupted Sen. Newton Requa Russell (now blessedly deceased). The Utah attorney hired to write the fraudulent receivership complaint was Bruce Wycoff, long known to the RQN related person Frederick Quinney Lawson who is believed to have organized Wycoff’s fraudulent “legal” work
A Criminal Complaint against Ralph Requa, Agent Collins, and the late Newton Requa Russell has been made for organizing the Requa family into the overall court frauds against Banner International to steal the R/H Files. The closest political ally to Russell was George H.W. Bush who promptly went to work for Barrick Gold after the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files that was masked by the receivership frauds. The “basis” for the Medley Court Frauds, as it has emerged, was the allegation by Ralph Requa in his perjured prior court fraud to allege that I was “threatening” my mother. The other alleged “basis” for the Medley Court Frauds was the allegation that Banner International had no financial records, and no corporate records.
This later spurious allegation was dramatically disproved, however, when a second copy of bound corporate records was provided to William Pepper who contacted the last person to see the originals and their data. That was Calvin Pon who at the time of the receivership fraud was an auditor at San Francisco’s Coopers & Lybrand to whom I had personally given the records. When contacted by Pepper he disclaimed any such knowledge. The fact was, however, that he disappeared from Coopers with the expense files I had personally given him, and then surfaced where Pepper was directed to find him: at Barick Gold.
It may therefore be alleged that a major criminal offence and conspiracy to defraud the Requa/Hoover Files transpired, one that included G.H.W. Bush, Barrick Gold, and Calvin Pon. Coopers & Lybrand letterhead documents in the book’s document section substantiate this.
In sum, the Utah Receivership Fraud was organized, as alleged, by a criminalized Utah FBI agent as detailed in the book and in Criminal Complains on-line, and allegedly used Ralph Requa as a front and mouthpiece with fraudulent allegations (COINTELPRO-type) engineered by the key Utah FBI agent who may also be alleged as a primary accomplice of George H.W. Bush and of those in the Eccles family who paid the bribes (some as “donations”) as detailed by the book. Behind the Utah Court Frauds and theft of the Requa/Hoover Files stands the Federal Reserve Bank. It is alleged that the Utah FBI in these matters has been wholly criminalized by a cabal of the Federal Reserve Bankers and their operatives.
Further, the 2nd Edition of the book now details that those who organized the Federal Reserve Act had first organized the murder/poisoning in 1905 of Stanford University’s co-founder Jane Stanford and, at the same time — as discovered by the late former Stanford Medical School Dean Dr. Robert W.P. Cutler M.D. — had also murdered/poisoned my great-grandfather Isaac L. Requa, who at the time (since 1894) had succeeded Leland Stanford as President of the Central Pacific Railroad with its 421 locomotives.
Eliminating Isaac Requa was necessary for Jane Stanford murder co-conspirator E.H. Harriman to expedite the take-over of the Central Pacific Railroad by Harriman’s Southern Pacific Railroad. The primary instigator in the Jane Stanford poisoning had been John D. Rockefeller (with Theodore Roosevelt, then the U.S. President). Also behind the Southern Pacific Railroad, with Harriman, was Rothschild in London who was likewise assuredly behind John D. Rockefeller’s appointment of Whitelaw Reid as U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. while Reid was in the midst of conducting the probate fraud at Stanford University on Jane Stanford. Reid’s primary role in the murder of Jane Stanford was to suppress — while just being appointed U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. — the March 9, 1905 Hawaii State Inquest verdict that Jane Stanford had been poisoned. Reid was, tellingly, appointed U.S, Ambassador on March 8, 1905, the last day possible before the expected murder verdict by the Hawaii State Inquest. The primary purpose behind Reid’s Ambassadorial appointment to London was for him to liaise with Rothschild on formatting the Federal Reserve Act.
That assignment was completed in 1912, at which point Reid was timely able to die in London with Reid no longer thus available to disclose how the Act had been completed. Theodore Roosevelt could then push the completed Federal Reserve Act into “validation” by election- rigging the 1912 election in order to position Woodrow Wilson to be able as President to sign it. The Timeline from the 1905 murders to the 1913 signing of the Federal Reserve Act is dominated by the same persons originally involved in arranging the murders of Jane Stanford and Isaac Requa.
Those same persons, after the death of Dr. Robert Cutler, were then researched further, at which time their horrific and fanatical support of the eugenics agenda was documented as contained in the new Exhibits to the book.
The immediate purpose of Jane Stanford’s murder was to preclude her intention of firing David Starr Jordan as Stanford President.
This would have ended the plans to use Stanford as a front for eugenics organizations and their use in channeling large funds, as donations, for covert political and/or criminal purposes. The Eugenics Record Office, built on the estate of Allen and John Foster Dulles, was the channel for the $100 million bribes to Theodore Roosevelt to election rig the 1912 election. Eugenics statements have included these:
1) By David Starr Jordan: “The pauper is the victim of heredity, but neither Nature nor Society recognize this as an excuse for his existence.”
2) By Paul Popenoe (Jordan student at Stanford): “The value of execution as a means to maintain the standards of the race cannot be underestimated”.
These utterly deranged beliefs and complete delusions must be seen as the results of efforts by the very rich, most notably Rockefeller, to justify their pathological greed. The poor, and the so-called “unfit”, could simply be “eugenicized”, i.e. eliminated. The greatest threat to Rockefeller and his Wall Street cohorts were the poor who might rise up. Best to get them eugenicized first and asap. Hence they had eugenicized Jane Stanford and Isaac Requa first. With the means available actually to eliminate the poor and the “unfit” Popenoe then proposed local neighborhood gas chambers for the purpose of eugenicizing these “unfit” persons to “maintain the standards of the race.” The spineless Americans, however, did not at all want “local gas chambers” to adversely affect their local real estate values.
Instead, the Germans seemed much more keen on the idea; and, Popenoe’s detailed plans for forced sterilization programs received immediate approval from the Fuhrer who personally wrote Popenoe his thanks as their forced sterilization plans proceeded to “maintain the standards of the race” in Germany, But the eugenicists were deeply disappointed that forced sterilization programs in the U.S. proceeded to get ratifications quite slowly, with only 27 states adopting them. Hence the Rockefeller interest in pushing eugenics (i.e. Nazism) to Germany, for which Rockefeller’s allied Wall Street Nazis did have the funds to create Hitler, to fund his war machine, and then also to provide Hitler with Standard Oil tankers all through WW II to fuel their Nazi U- Boats. Few Americans know that Hitler and Nazism were created by Wall Street, and that Allen Dulles funneled untold numbers of Nazi War Criminals into the CIA and elsewhere. World War II and the battle against fascism just shifted after Hitler to the U.S. and to Latin America.
The 20th century can be seen as the time when the pathological greed of the Wall Street “Nazis” came to dominate much of the U.S. (and the world’s) political and economic life.
Eugenics must be seen as the antithesis of any and all true religions. It is evidence of total spiritual bankruptcy. The U.S. to the extent it has been under the control of the Rockefeller network — including the Council of Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission — has become a spiritually bankrupt nation which is leading the world into spiritual bankruptcy and the prospect of a coming Dark Age. It is imperative to the world that the Federal Reserve Bank be eliminated and that the sovereignty of the U.S. — inclusive of its own exclusive right to issue its own currency — be restored to The People. The Federal Reserve Bank is the font for all organized crime inclusive of the assassinations. With Rockefeller Counterfeit (Federal Reserve Notes), The Wall Street Nazis have a blank check to fund all the fellow Nazis and assassins they might like — and to do so without a trace.
No audit on the Federal Reserve Bank has ever been done in the 102 years of its existence.
The Rockefellers and their cohorts with the Harrimans, Bushes, and Dulleses have appropriately been categorized by several scholars as very real Nazi traitors who — after their unexpected loss in financing Hitler to power, even all through World War II — continued to support Nazi War Criminals after the war with channeling them into the U.S. (especially into the CIA), as well as into Latin America for actions with Nelson Rockefeller’s .allied dictators. It is now clear that eugenics and the presence of many Nazi War Criminals put into key positions has has lead to a great debasement of our economic, cultural, spiritual, and political institutions — and also lead to the assassinations of the 1960s. Civilization itself is at grave and dire risk from the power of those with unlimited resources to bribe, to corrupt, to debase, to criminalize, to spread falsehoods and lies, and to deceive. This has been the sorry story and fate of all the Requa family who came under the influence of Ralph Requa and Newton Requa Russell.
Former Stanford scholar Antony Sutton has stated the following about Wall Street’s origination of Nazism:
“[At] the very core of Nazism,” says Professor [Antony] Sutton, we “find Wall Street, including Standard Oil of New Jersey and I.T.T., represented … [up] to as late as 1944.”
Referring to Wall Street’s role in funding the Nazis as being one part of a consolidation plan for world domination, he concludes, “This interplay of ideas and cooperation … was only one facet of a vast and ambitious system of cooperation and international alliance for world control.”
“The professor quotes an Establishment insider, Georgetown professor Dr. Carroll Quigley, as saying that it was “nothing less than to create a world system of financial control, in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.”
It must be stated that the drive for world control by the Rockefellers, has remained intact, as their assassinations in the 1960s of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King have made clear.
The JFK assassination and 9/11 have demonstrated that what remains of the U.S.A must remain at war with Nazism and Fascism — meaning the Rockefellers whose alliances are fascist/Nazist and morally and spiritually bankrupt. They must be removed from both economic and political power and means of all kind. Since their murder of Jane Stanford and Isaac Requa, and through their crimes to create the Federal Reserve Bank and to foster Nazism in Germany they have been a primary menace to all mankind. Their involvements in the assassination of John F. Kennedy must be avenged. Their source of power through the Federal Reserve Bank must be eliminated. The Federal Reserve Bank itself must be eliminated. The same powers of evil doing which they have bestowed upon the Eccles family of Utah must likewise be eliminated — as also was bestowed upon the Bush family of evil-doers.
G.H.W Bush and Allen Dulles were primary agents for the Rockefellers in the murder of John F. Kennedy. True Americans must now depose the Nazist Rockefellers and Bushes. John F. Kennedy,
Robert Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy Jr., with Martin Luther King, must be avenged, and the nation purged of their unspeakable evils. These are the unavoidable conclusions that have been forced upon me during the course of the events in The Great American Gold Grab. Not only the nation, but civilization itself is hanging perilously in the balance. No time can be wasted in seeking the end of the Federal Reserve Bank. It was created by real Nazis and its objectives are Nazist and evil.
The eugenics beliefs that have continued to infiltrate our politics have resulted from the same people and interests who have stayed in power and created them in 1913, in 1963, and during 9/11. They must be challenged and rooted out. These vulgar and depraved beliefs have survived with such organizations as the Bilderbergers and other right-wing “think tanks” allied with the Rockefellers who, through David Starr Jordan at Stanford, originated eugenics, i.e. Nazism. The birthplace of Nazism is in fact at Stanford University after the 1905 murders of Jane Stanford and Isaac Requa as organized by Jordan, TR Roosevelt, Whitelaw Reid, and John D. Rockefeller. The Rockefellers indeed were the original Nazis who funded Jordan and then created Hitler and gave him “eugenics”, i.e. Nazism. Their “legacy” must be uprooted. Hitler himself might have been eliminated, but those who created him are seeking ever more strongly to repeat their crimes and reassert their agenda for world domination.. Their base for operations, as it always was, has remained on Wall Street..

 Full article from Veterans Today see the source below.


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