Monday, 20 February 2017

Hey Leong! - How Many Other Court Cases Besides This One Have You and Your Cronies Had Expunged?

 Dear Brenda Leong, CEO of the BC Securities Commission,

   How long will you and the rest of the staff at the BC Securities Commission continue to obstruct justice and aid and abet criminal behavior among public officials?

  Your employees made numerous false accusations against myself (Christopher Burke) and my former business partners. This in turn ensured that investors money was not protected, the exact opposite of the supposed role of the BCSC.

 Did your employees collude with our lawyers behind our backs to ensure you could charge us with something?

 Here is your case against us.

 Of course we know all know you and gangs of lawyers will not actually take us to BC Supreme Court to finalize these charges and collect the fines you have levied on us. Why?

 Could it be because your employees are all deceptive and lie constantly?

 Would you risk the truth coming out in Court? Even if you bought the judge?

 How many other Court cases besides this one have you and your cronies had expunged?

What makes you think the BC Securities Commission has the legal right to commit such actions?

Why would the BCSC claim here in its charges against us that we did not do an OM?
Did BCSC officials speak with our lawyers behind our backs to set us up?

Here is the Offering Memorandum we paid our lawyers at Farris Law for.

Why does this once again seem like your employees are acting with deception and manipulation?
 Could it be that this is Modus Operandi for the BCSC? Silly question - of course it is.

Would you murder or conspire to have murder committed to protect your racket Brenda?

What about the BCIMC? Would you cover for their crimes and stay silent as they rob British Columbians simply to ensure twenty million dollars of investments held by the BC Securities Commission make money?

One day soon Leong you will face justice for what you have done and allowed to continue under your watch in BC. Perhaps that day will be sooner then you think.. You thought we would go away along time ago but you were wrong..

Christopher Burke
250 807 7870

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