Saturday, 25 February 2017

From former CIA operative Robert Steele - An Interesting Prospective on the War Inside the Deep State

 An interesting perspective on the war inside the Deep State USA, will President Trump survive in the White House or will the Deep State factions working to destroy America prevail?

 A report on the real war inside the US. How does this effect us here in BC? The 'Deep State', and/or the Cabal that runs the finances and the military industrial complex is an entity that exists beyond national borders. Issues such as Barrick Golds  mass market rigging fraud and the funding of 9/11 are in part emanating from and shielded by various traitorous Canadian factions whether its certain billionaire 'elite' or individuals throughout various governmental positions.


Robert Steele is a former high level CIA agent who is working to restore the United States to "We the People". Mr. Steele has a message for President Donald Trump, will the new President be the victim of a 'soft coupe' so everything will stay status quo for the banksters in Washington?

As always more to come..

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