Thursday, 9 February 2017

Does President Donald Trumps Swamp Clean-Up Include Crooked Queen Christy?

Does President Donald Trump intend to extend his clean-up of the 'swamp' to BC as well where a massive criminal cartel is robbing the globe and BC citizens blind. (Not to mention the drug epidemics and pedophilia sex trafficking rings)

 An exert from our friends at Water War Crimes.

18 Year Wait for Fair Treatment from Canada under NAFTA

On his first day of official business after his inauguration on January 20 2017, US President Trump made three telephone calls:

1. He called English Prime Minister Theresa May and told her to get over to Washington on January 26, 2016;

2. He called Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and told him to get up to Washington on January 31, 2017l

3. He called Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau told him to get down to Washington for a meeting. The date of the Trudeau Trump meeting is not yet set.

All three promptly complied with orders proving once again that the real centre of power is in Washington. 

The wily and worried Trudeau, who, like his father, was educated by the Jesuits, is close to Castro and China, has been seeking advice from the usual suspects in Rome, Cuba and China, and he and his cabinet colleagues are in full retreat as this story goes to press. "What are we gonna do boys, if this guy Trump blows the whistle on us, we are toast"

In preparation for his call to Canada, the Trump team persuaded the New York Times, which was anti Trump during the election,  to blow the whistle on the incredibly crooked Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, who has been personally enriching herself with political bribes donated to the BC Liberal Party and whose government is looting private lands stolen from the English family near Tofino British Columbia to enrich the Premier's pension plan assisted by crooked judges paid for by the Government in Canada.

Premier Christy "Lock Her Up" Clark
promptly announced she will not longer be taking "the bribes" while the call has gone out to "LOCK HER UP", to use a phrase popularized when Mr. Trump was calling another "lady" politician, Hilary Clinton, a crook.

Click here to read New York Times story on Premier Christy Clark

Mexico, Canada, especially the crooked British Columbia government which has deep links to England, are totally involved in the Water War Crimes.

However, to be fair to Mexico, the Editors have seen no evidence the Mexicans were involved in planning the crimes and all evidence indicates that they like the  American and Canadian public were the intended victims. 

Certain criminals in England, with the assistance of the philandering Freemason and former BC Premier Gordie Campbell have recently taken over a load of water licences in British Columbia and they are preparing to reap unearned profits selling that water to Americans and Mexican at huge and inflated rates without paying proper taxes in Canada.  Readers should be aware the Freemasonry in British Columbia reports directly to London, where Gordie went into hiding after a scandal involving his mistress forced him to quit politics, and, it is not part American Freemasonry.  Their plans may be side lined by the recent rains in California that has effectively ended the longstanding drought in that state.

As the same time, the story is breaking on the notorious Trudeau Foundation that has become, since 2014 when Trudeau became leader of the Liberal Party a Canadian version of the Clinton Foundation taking massive donations from foreign donors, especially big Chinese money that sought to take over the USA through bribes / donations to Hilary Clinton.

Click here to read more about crooked Trudeau Foundation

Editors Note: At this time there is no evidence Justin Trudeau is the beneficiary of the bribe money paid to the Trudeau Foundation although his brother is a director and a whole lot of former very senior Canadian civil servants who were deeply involved in crooked Canadian politics, including the Water War Crimes, work there and get big bonuses from China in exchange for influence in Ottawa.


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