Thursday, 9 February 2017

BCSC Holds BCIMC Securities, Does the BCSC Know the Meaning of Words Like Conflict Of Interest and Integrity?

Dear Brenda Leong CEO of the BC Securities Commission, and Michael De Jong BC Finance Minister.

UPDATED - We have corrected BC Insurance and Mortgage Corporation to read as it should BC Investment Management Corporation, we apologize for any confusion.
  Why does the BCSC hold around 20 Million Dollars worth of BC Investment Management Corporation paper? We understand that the BCSC has to have a pension plan of some sort but with all the talk at the BCSC about integrity and ensuring fair markets one would think that you would not have a Regulatory agency owning securities in another corporation that is based inside its own jurisdiction! What joke the BC Securities Commission is.

 Lets see what you said in your report to ol dirty dog Mikey at Finance.

 Once again I am certain you do not actually understand the words you write or speak, its either that or Brenda you are a pure criminal. Either way you do not deserve public office any longer.
 If you are so worried about taxpayer accountability why did you withhold 700 pieces of evidence in a case? Is this how you ensure justice?

 Why does the BCSC hold $20 Million in BCIMC securities?

 Would the BCSC overlook crimes and securities violations committed by the BCIMC simply to protect its own investment? We certainly wouldn't doubt it.

 The BCIMC is no angel itself, we are aware of numerous crimes it has committed against Canadians.
In particular we look at the case of Jack English who had his life essentially destroyed and his ocean front property stolen by the same type of vipers you (Brenda) employ and conspire with at the BCSC.

English Family Resort Business Office Burnt on Same Day As Their Home

British Columbia Government Burns Family Out, Firebombs Business, Destroys Access Bridge, Threatens Alternate Lenders and Cuts Off Water and Sewer So It Can Buy Property At Extremely Low Price in Rigged Judicial Sale

 Surely you and the intrepid investigators at the BC Securities Commission are aware of the actions of the BCIMC? How many criminal scams are you a part of right now Brenda?

 Must I remind you the BCSC is not above the law.

Section 170 of the Securities Act is no remedy for Criminal Offences.

 The writing is on the wall Brenda and justice is coming..

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