Sunday, 5 February 2017

"BC Overdue for Corruption Inquiry"

 Further calls for major inquiries into corruption in BC, there are serious issues plaguing BC as we have mentioned. From the Georgia St. Hustle

The dead bodies that have piled up in morgues since a supposedly safe program to give away free medical grade heroin has begun, why do we have money to give away free heroin when we are closing medical clinics and schools?


Of course this is a government that will go to any length it can to steal, kill and destroy against its own people.

 So how can one be surprised when they continue to obstruct justice? What they don't understand is that the truth always wins. It is sharper then a two edged sword and though for a time they may feel they are all powerful and use such power for evil their day of answering is soon coming. Justice is coming soon to this planet.

See a call from the Dogwood Initiative for a inquiry into the mass amount of corruption that permeates this province.

"Heads rolled in the federal sponsorship scandal, and politics is better for it
Dinner parties with foreign billionaires, charter flights, private islands, selfies with Bono and Kevin Spacey  – it might sound like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but to Canadians it hits a bit too close to home, or rather a bit too close to 24 Sussex, the home of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
In an effort to shake the controversy, Trudeau started off the new year on a cross-country tour of Canada (although he skipped out on talking to the people of B.C.). The trip was designed for the Prime Minister to connect with “real Canadians” in coffee shops and church basements across the country.
The Liberals hoped if the public saw the Prime Minister with his sleeves casually rolled up talking with everyday people, we would feel more connected to him and forgive him his membership in the one per cent. For this tour, Trudeau had, after all, forgone this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, where the global elite — world leaders, rich peple, celebrities and people who fall into all three categories — meet to discuss world affairs. (This is where Trudeau took the aforementioned Bono-Spacey selfie last year.)
But it hasn’t worked. “Real Canadians” are not so easily won over — in fact, Trudeau is less popular now than when he began his tour. Pipelines, Indigenous rights, the Pheonix pay system and refugees dominated the town hall topics, as did concerns about Trudeau’s fancy island getaway and his $1,500-a-plate, cash-for-access fundraisers.
We over here in B.C. are thinking “$1,500 fundraisers? I wish!” Because in our province there is no limit on political donations. Corporations, unions and out-of-province donors can give politicians large cheques and nobody bats an eye. This means British Columbia politicians are hosting $20,000 per plate cash-for-access fundraisers. Kinda makes $1,500 seem like chump change.
Trudeau has bowed to public pressure and pledged to introduce legislation to force political fundraisers out of private mansions and into publicly accessible venues. Meanwhile, Christy Clark continues on with her smokescreen plan, ferrying in donors to secret dinner parties in vans with tinted windows.
Why have the federal Liberals been dogged by this scandal while our provincial politicians continue on their merry way? Why are there limits on donations to federal parties, but not on their provincial counterparts? Both of these questions can be answered in a story — the Liberal sponsorship scandal."

 For the full article see source below.



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