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Will the Defrauding of Canadians Continue with Plans for A New National Infrastructure Bank?

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

and Finance Minister Mr. Bill Morneau,

    We watch with some concern the plans for a National Infrastructure Bank and must warn you of the folly this could entail. Mr. Trudeau I believe your financial advisors are only scheming for themselves, do you think Larry Fink actually has the wellbeing of the Canadian citizens in mind?

 In plain English the plans by these so called financials experts that have contrived these ideas are dubious and poised to simply line the pockets of their cronies. Canada can print money for which there is no debt. Instead it continues to borrow money from the International Banking Cabal for which all Canadians must pay interest. Why should a supposedly Sovereign nation such as Canada pay interest on its own money!?

 There are however many solutions which could make everyone happy and prosperous.

 No doubt you are aware of COMER and its case against the Bank of Canada to restore our money as Sovereign currency.. or perhaps you are not? For some strange reason there seems to be a real lack of press on this issue.. Wonder why that could be?

The following exert is taken from Covert Geopolitics, sources below.


 Banking & Finance, Corporatocracy

Canadian Media Ignoring Titanic Lawsuit vs. Bank of Canada

“Money is not wealth; politics and economics are two sides of the same coin, and it is the full understanding of political economics that is the true final frontier.”

The battle between fiat bankers and constitutional experts is still ongoing and the current Trudeau administration has not made up its mind just yet whether to return to constitutional banking system, or not.
Remember this Trudeau backgrounder as you watch the last  videos in this article.
Here’s the long story…

COMER vs. Bank of Canada

In early August 2013, two Canadians and COMER “confronted the global financial powers in the Canadian federal court.” They have filed a case against Bank of Canada earlier in 2011, in an effort to return the central bank to the people of Canada by printing its own debt-free currency like it was before 1974.
“COMER contends the Bank of Canada, a publicly owned national financial institution created in the Great Depression, is mandated to provide debt-free support for public projects undertaken by federal, provincial and city governments. Not doing so has deprived Canadians of the benefits of larger infrastructure investments, COMER alleges.
Among other arguments in its court submission, the group alleges Canada ceded its sovereign ability to conduct independent monetary policy to the “secret” deliberations and control of private foreign bankers. This unconstitutional move, COMER argues, was a result of Ottawa’s decision to join several multinational financial organizations, particularly the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
Headquartered in Switzerland, the BIS is an organization that brings together the central banks from 60 countries to co-operate in the promotion of international monetary and financial stability. Canada joined in 1970.
“It’s by far the most serious and important case I’ve ever done,” said Galati, who gained national prominence in a classic David versus Goliath case last year in which he moved to block Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to Canada’s top bench.
Of the current case, Galati says, “It impacts the entire country in a profound way, right down to the bone of our economics and the history of the way we’ve maintained and lost, through illegal action, our independent monetary policy. It’s huge.””
If you are interested to know the inside story about this case, the ugly truth about banking and high treason in governments from a constitutional expert, you need to watch this video in full…

  • Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati to challenge Bill C-51 in court. Video
  • Rocco Galati interviewed by Amanda Lang on CBC News.



  The interference of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)in Canadian Finances is concerning, when one starts to connect the dots between the five biggest banks in Canada, the Regulators, the Bank of Canada and the BIS it becomes clear there is a hidden agenda to defraud and deceive the Canadian public while robbing them blind.

 The plan for a new National Infrastructure Bank is simply continuing down the same road by borrowing money from private parties who expect at least a %7 percent return that will have to be paid by the public to a few wealthy private individuals.
 Canada under its current system of financing could finance this project for less as the Bank of Canada pays less on its debt and is not looking for returns as an investor is, it is simply nation building.

That is one less expensive alternative, the other alternative is to allow for public banking and the creation of debt free 'sovereign' money and use this money to fuel infrastructure projects. Now I know your banker friends will not like this idea as they will not get to collect interest for nothing, however I believe we can even make them some money if you do this right.

 As a nation in order to move forward I would think a starting bargaining point would be a clean slate, in other words Canada will forget the TRILLION dollars in 'interest' payments that the BIS has extorted in return for co-operation down the road to print Sovereign debt free currency from the BIS and its counterparts. Now I know that even that wont make these greedy bankers happy so to show absolute reasonability I would even think about way to create an Infrastructure Bank in a manner that can benefit everyone. The following is a plausible option on structure of financing for national projects that would help the people who need it most, not just the bankers and their billionaire buddies.

 Allow the creation of two new banks, first your National Infrastructure Bank nothing less then a 51%/%49 split should be established, let your banking friends have a %49 stake in the new venture. They can earn their returns on the %49. The burden of ensuring these returns on the Canadian public will be reduced by the fact that the new National Infrastructure Bank will print Sovereign money rather then the current debt based currency in order to finance projects around Canada. The money it saves in interest can help pay investors. Before your banking buddies get their backs up over all this consider the fact that half the money printed will likely make its way back into their coffers one way or very quickly given both the corporate conglomerate state of Canada and our consumer society.

In addition to the new National Infrastructure Bank, the Federal Government needs to get behind projects such as the Postal Workers Unions (CUPW) delivering Community Power plan.

 Restore Public/Postal Banking and invest half the proposed $160 Billion dollar infrastructure investment into the new Postal/Public Bank, use this to help transition Canada into a sustainable energy economy without financially burdening the public. Spread the investment money out so it benefits everyone, clearly the 'trickle down' theory does not work.

See the following for information on CUPW's Delivering Community Power project and the restoration of Postal Banking.

 By doing this you can help rebuild Canada and ensure the best interest of the peoples of our nation.
You would look very wise in addition to helping solve many current issues by taking these steps.
 Do you have the balls to do what's best for Canada Mr. Trudeau or are you a banksters puppet?

 Money cant buy balls and it cant buy truth? Do you have either?

Clean up the Regulatory Mess

Of course in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of any Federal investments especially the establishment of a new bank/banks one must ensure that the Financial Regulatory regime that they will operate in operates according to the principles of the Rule of Law and not in an arbitrary and biased manner.
 We know the current system is a disgrace and simply a tool for extortion, the proposed new National Regulatory agency looks like it will be even worse.
 All your so called 'Financial Experts' who write and advise on laws are simply finding ways for them to continue hiding their financial crimes.

 Why remove integrity and replace it with 'material adverse effect'?

Even CBC who is usually shy on this issue has begun to ask questions about our Regulators whom are supposed to protect the public.

The Financial Regulatory agencies such as the BCSC, the OSC, and the ASC are not above the rule of law though they may pretend to be and be sheltered from prosecution of crimes for a time, they will face justice for what they are doing to an unwitting Canadian public.

The Application of the rule of law in Financial Markets.

BCSC not above the law.

 Mr. Trudeau, will you do what is right? Will you do what is best for the Canadian people and not just your pocket book? Or will you take us down into the Weedz for your own profit while ignoring the rest of Canadians. I get a lot of intel passed by me on a daily basis and I'm really starting to wonder about you..

 Christopher Burke
 250 807 7870

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