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To Whom it May Concern.. If you have money, need money to live, or exist in the Western Capitalist system this concerns you..

 Your financial interests and therefore your very well being and the future of your friends and family are being robbed and destroyed by what is a very real global banking Cabal.
 For a long time the Cabal has quietly operated in the background using its different tentacles to enslave and destroy nations through debt, regulatory extortion, and conspiracy with various leading global firms in every segment of industry on various crime against not just Canadians but Americans and the rest of humanity. Companies such as Monsanto and Bayer AG manufacture death and sell it to the world under the eye of supposed regulators who are there to protect the public.
These companies are connected to the same bankster Cabal that is the hands behind companies such as Barrick Gold and their campaign of destruction and theft since their inception.

 The idea of 'free-market' capitalism no longer exists in North America and Europe.

What exists in the West today is Predatory Capitalism, this is when the robbers control the banks and the regulators in order to hide their financial crimes. These robber barons have set themselves up to control the media so that the public only sees what they want them to see. The left v. right political paradigms are simply illusions used by the global banking Cabal to divide and conquer, the 'right' deregulates and sells everything, then the 'left' comes in and under the guise of attempting to restore the damage done doles out 'debt' money and throws it at corporate friends and institutions like candy.
 This further damages the economy and adds to the debt burden of a nation until the people forget how dumb and short-sighted the 'right' was and remember the quick easy money that deregulation made a few people and the 'right' gets voted back in again. This vicious cycle of false paradigms destroys nations until they end up like Greece. Only a few puppets and the robber baron masters profit, they sell this publicly on the media they control as if the nation was wealthy. Before certain people cry the greatness of a certain former Conservative Canadian Prime Minister in the financial department let me remind the public what kind of financial house of cards he left Canadians.

 The absurdity of focusing only on non renewable energy development and championing Canada as a "global energy superpower" when the world is moving or at least has the capability to move away from burning carbon based energy cannot be understated.  Forget the environmental aspect of this economic plan although that too is very important, lets focus simply on the money and smart business since that's all that matters to these bankers these days. Why would one of the most resource rich nations in every manner from talent, tech, to physical resources in abundance focus almost entirely on one aspect of industry while ignoring dozens of other segments which are vital to nation building and economic prosperity? It doesn't make sense unless one considers the existence of a criminal Cabal that has tentacles in every aspect of governance, this Cabal simply exists to bleed Canada dry along with the world. Again not all your public officials are guilty of these crimes, some are only starting to realize what is happening. Some have families who are used as leverage. Others are straight up guilty and work for the Cabal. Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer and his book Money Mafia outline the perils facing the planet and the Cabals involvement in issues such as our Financial Regulatory regime.

 All this of course is aside from the deception and the implementation of Orwellian bills such as Bill C-51 which allows for secret courts, tribunals, and detention of Canadians under the guise of protecting them from terror. Should we forget who really plotted Terror attacks in Canada, there are many other documented false flags however the purpose of this blog is financial crimes so we will not examine them at this time. Make no mistake however the agenda still fits in with the larger scheme of things. Make the people give up their rights, silence truth and freespeech in order to continue to hide the crimes of our public officials and their corporate masters.

Thankfully there are still some judges with the balls to call things as they are and ensure justice.

Now the RCMP want more spying power?

Economic Deception
Canada put all its eggs in one basket and that basket collapsed to $30 causing problems that should have been foreseen by all the so called financial experts miles away, simple consequences of a narrow minded and short-sighted approach to nation building.
So what is really going on?
 North America is stuck in the largest Ponzi scheme the world has known along with many other regions of the globe. The Cabal however is losing its grip but not before it lashes out with war and a campaign to further distort the truth evidenced by the new Propaganda Bill signed into being in the US so that the Government may blatantly lie to its people to protect its own twisted agenda, all while attempting to criminalize truth.
It is this current Cabal that controls most mainstream media outlets in order to hide or distort the truth on many of these crimes. The leverage often used against members of the judiciary and public officials who are put into places of power by the Cabal is evidence of their involvement in pedophilia, snuff films etc.
 This ensures judges and ministers hide the truth and continue covering the crimes of the Bankster masters.
How does this affect your finances?
 Here in Canada the Financial Regulators have played a large part in many financial crimes against not just Canadians but investors and everyday individuals around the globe. The Silver and Gold markets are rigged, it has already been proven that the LIBOR market is rigged. The sale of most ETFs is a fraud designed to allow Banks to manipulate whole market segments such as gold. By constantly dumping 'paper' gold (ETFs) which have no real intrinsic value the Cabal is able to suppress the price of real physical gold in global markets.
There is a massive amount of Criminal Financial fraud that is ongoing affecting you. The following are but a few links compared to the reality. We are aware of others on standby to go public as well as preparing documentation for future events.
 Who do the largest Banks exert their influence over?

 Many people think this does not affect them however, it does in round about ways affect just about all.
One of the most ironic things is that many of these public servants and law enforcement officials have their own finances compromised by the very Cabal they often protect, whether knowingly or inadvertently.
 They all have pension funds with money invested in the markets where these massive Ponzi schemes are taking place. Unions funds, most other Institutional investors and of course the little guy are all compromised due to the complete destruction of the rule of law in the Western financial world.
 Many of the banks in Canada and the US that people hold their money in are legally compromised and their assets are in jeopardy due to their criminal activities, the Panama papers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course there are many working in agencies around the world to expose these crimes and restore justice however there are many working against them in the same agencies. 

What Role does the BC Securities Commission Play in All This?
The BC Securities Commission exists so that the Cabal can run many stock scams through the former Vancouver Stock Exchange and its more recent form the Venture Exchange. In addition the BCSC helps ensure that BC and Canada remain no more then Vassal states, Banana Republics with an ever increasing gap between the rich and poor. These Corporate states are on a path that will destroy not only the people but the planet if it continues.

 The BC Securities Commission exists on a conflict of interest and its so called 'compliance' is nothing more then a shakedown by the suited mafia.

The BCSC acts with deception, has no credibility.

Many a spin doctor, public official and lawyer has attempted to distort the truth, make no mistake we are not lawyers however that does not mean we do not understand the principles of the rule of law and when they are broken in a criminal manner.
 Does the new national Regulatory body that is proposed seek to continue the deception, theft and destruction, we certainly would not put it past them given how they have planned to remove ensuring the integrity of the market as a vital function of a regulator and replacing it with ability to in their own words ensure no 'material adverse effects'. In other words they want to prop up and paint a dead horse permanently! They want the power to rig the market and hide the truth.

For years we have attempted to get the BC Securities Commission to answer various questions regarding its complete disregard for the law.
Why has the BCSC refused to answer any of these simple questions?

 Where did all the BCSC high powered lawyers go?

Simply put the BCSC as with other regulatory bodies and many lawyers have been complicit in screwing the public for a very long time. There's only so much you can sweep under the rug however before the lump underneath is to large to hide.

There will be much more to come on this subject over the next year..
 What can you do about this?
 Share the info first of all, as most news stations and papers will not.

Support the drive for Postal Banking and Public Banking in general

 How Postal Banking can help restore a nation.

Also support the COMER movement which can be watched here. Write everyone you can on the subject asking the hard questions that need to be asked.

 If you are in a Union or Financial firm, or any other business of whom you or the firm may be a victim of such actions dig deeper, talk to (good)lawyers, document everything and have redundancies. Connect with other groups, Veterans whom likely have compromised pensions, the many innocent public servants who will and are suffering unbeknownst to themselves as a result of the criminal actions of our financial regulators.
 Write your MPs and pressure public officials into action.

 These are but a handful of the many things that must be done in order to rectify the situation, there are however many undertakings already in the works to ensure justice.

As always more to come
Christopher Burke

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