Tuesday, 13 December 2016

From the Desk of the BCSC Truthmovement..



As most of you saw, on December 5, 2016 we called BCSC litigator Olubode Fagbamiye in his office and asked a series of very simple questions.    And unfortunately, many of you that have been waiting for months for these questions to be answered were extremely disappointed when Fagbamiye literally walked away from the phone’s receiver without utterly barely a word.
Before he coward, he did ask me to put my thoughts down on paper and that he would answer via written correspondence.    We wrote him the following letter, and too date, have not heard a peep from this sorry excuse for a lawyer…
One of the problems we have with this whole matter is that IF I was a lawyer and was contacting the Commission with questions, comments, or concerns they would reply almost immediately.   In that we are self-represented somehow the Commission feels they don’t need to respond?   The BCSC has known for months (and even years) that we are self-represented – they should be MANDATED to respond considering what is at stake for the investors!
Mr Fagbamiye, we can see you view our blog on a regular basis and we know you are reading this!   Why are you such a coward?  What are you hiding?  And why have you not protected the investors (by at least forwarding on the Settlement Offer that may have helped the investors?)  
You should be extremely ashamed of your actions!   The people are starting to see what really happened and are going to demand answers from you – time for you to get you head out of the sand….

Source http://www.bcsctruthmovement.com/bcsc-litigator-olubode-fagbamiye-your-wish-is-my-command/

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