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An Open Letter for Christy Clark, Premier of BC - Did you think we would go away?

We have been silent for some time for several reasons which cannot be explained at this time. As always there is a method, reason and purpose in how we put out information, or why for a time we stay silent. I have attached a letter below to BC Premier Christy Clark in regards to the BCSC among other things, it is simply a warning that we are not going away. The guilty ones will be held accountable for their multitude of crimes..
 During this time much around the globe has happened, Russia has begun to kick out the very same bankers who control our Bank of Canada through the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) based in Basil Switzerland. This bank is completely outside the 'rule of law' as according to Swiss Law, laws do not apply to them. This bank controls finances for most of the globe including heavily influencing how our Regulators work. The BIS and the Banking 'Cabal' have convinced national governments that instead of printing their own debt free money they must borrow from the 'Central Banks' who are nothing but in international conglomerate of the most powerful banks and pay back interest. This is how the banksters control nations, in addition they exert much influence over the regulators to ensure their financial crimes such as market manipulation and rate rigging can continue with no risk of discovery.
 In the US many are upset Donald Trump is the president elect however I must say this, while I certainly do not agree with a lot of what Trump has said he is bang on when it comes to his talk about corruption and deception among the American political establishment. From the lies about false flag operations such as 9/11, to the continuing financial crimes of the Wall Street sector, the US is being systematically destroyed by the Cabal in order that it may have more money and control.
 Whether Mr. Trump actually does anything about these crimes remains to be seen, however for those who believe that all would be well with Hillary Clinton as president are very mistaken. Hillary is one of the bankers biggest puppets in the political arena and tied in very deeply to the financial crimes of Wall Street among others.
 There are those that believe this would have nothing to do with us in BC and Canada however that is far from true. The Financial crimes of many of the Banksters are only possible with the help of our Regulators as many American and Foreign persons as well as Canadian fraud artists set up subsidiaries and companies in Canada with the very intent of using the Canadian Regulators to SHIELD them as they commit crimes. The banking Cabal knows no borders and has infiltrated its people into the highest levels of office of both Canada and the US among other nations, they work to destroy nations from the inside as we are witnessing in the US. Canada is not far behind if we are not careful.
 This work is accompanied by control over the Judicial system and Law Enforcement as well as the Military Industrial complex. If you want any more evidence that our Judges cannot be trusted to uphold justice (the law and justice are not the same) we need not look further than the appalling decision of one Canadian 'Judge' to let a mother who killed her newborn escape jail-time.
 Another blatant example of complete disregard for the rule of law by our own governments and a conglomerate of certain corporations is the pushing through of the Site C dam regardless of it being against our Treaty with the indigenous peoples of the Region.
 Many will come back and argue it must be done for the greater good, jobs, power etc.. however none of these arguments make sense either. I could write another blog entirely on the foolishness of Site C in every aspect from the fact that there are far more economically viable ways to produce energy that also happen to be less environmentally damaging to the fact that again this is a blatant act against the rule of law.
 See the following for more on the Water Wars at
 There are many more crimes against both Americans and Canadians being run on both sides of the border by the very powers that should be protecting and ensuring justice among the people.
 There is however a silent war from the streets and in agency to agency in North America and around the globe with many agencies often fighting within themselves against members or agents of the Cabal who have infiltrated every level of government, judiciary and law enforcement.

 Though it may seem as though the entire system is corrupt there are still many working for justice as best they can and we thank them, there are also growing numbers of people in every avenue of life who are waking up to the reality. We are being robbed and deceived and destroyed by a shadow government whose current war on fake news is only a reaction to the truth beginning to come out.
 There will be much more to come however for now here is a letter to Christy Clark,
The Honorable Christy Clark  
Honourable Suzanne Anton - BC Minister of Justice and Attorney General
  • Prime Minister of CanadaMinister Justin Trudeau The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
  • Fed. Public Safety The Honourable Ralph Goodale
  • The Right Honourable Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
  • Peter D. Harris
  • Director of Enforcement - BCSC Peter Brady
  • Brenda M. Leong BCSC Chair and CEO
  • Lindsay Donders - BCSC Investigations
  • James K. Torrance - Senior Litigation Counsel - BCSC
  • Inspector Brent Mundle - Kelowna RCMP
  • Managing Editor The Canadian Press - Andrea Baillie
  • BCSC Commissioner Judith Downes
  • Independent Commissioner - BCSC Audrey T. Ho
  • Adrianne Garrone - Legal Secretary - BCSC
  • The Honourable John Horgan - NDP
  • Carole James - NDP Spokesperson for Finance
  • The Honourable Nicholas Simons - NDP
  • Biv News

    Dear Christy,
     Did you think we've gone away and forgotten how you and many public officials, supposed law enforcement officers, lawyers and corrupt judges are robbing the people of BC and Canada and destroying lives?
     You were warned of the corruption at the BCSC among other agencies in this province yet you continue to do nothing but aid and abet criminal behavior.


     Do you think the upcoming election will be a cakewalk? Do understand what is happening in BC? I think you do.. That's why the 'Queen' had you over to England for a visit, we see through the illusions. The Queen is mad that the banking empire that the house of Windsor has run through the City of London is crumbling, the BCSC is a large part of this monster.
     You have had plenty of time to reverse course, yet you continue to destroy and rob Canadians.
     Do you think we have not been busy during our silence? I bet you thought a lot of things about us over the past few years as we have brought these issues to your attention. You probably thought we would go away with a good old fashioned 'black-ops' campaign, thought you could get away with twisting the law in BC Supreme Court, thought maybe its all bull?
     Christy you always seem to be thinking the wrong thoughts. We are going to destroy the BCSC in front of a national audience and ensure justice is restored in BC come May..
     You've all been watching one hand while you have no idea what the other is up to..
     Remember when your 'secret police' thought they bested me by snatching some of my counter-surveillance photographs from London Drugs and told them all how long I had been waiting for them to show up and do so?
     We are always ahead and our preparations for the upcoming election are no different, the Liberals and any other party who seeks to continue the current climate of criminal behavior in every manner will see justice. Do I have to remind you how deep the shit at a pig farm is?

     Christopher Burke
     250 807 7870

    (An Interview with Steve Davis)

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