Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Our letter to the BCSC and its employees, a publicly published warning to the BCSC employees that their Chief Executive Officer Ms. Brenda Leong was leading them down the wrong path and would bury them all with her actions. The letter was sent in January of this year, since then the BCSC has faced a widespread storm of criticism regarding its criminal behavior and it is only just beginning.
 Pension Funds, Unions and other large Institutional Investors who have been compromised by the actions of our criminal Regulators in Canada are beginning to get involved and the movement for restitution of the Rule of Law in the financial industry grows exponentially by the week.


Dear BCSC and its employees;
I write to inform you that your boss has made a terrible choice and unfortunately many of you will suffer for it.
Certainly, some of you are just as guilty in the matter between BCSC and U-GO Brands, as the many offences committed during the prosecution's attempt to make a phoney case against U-GO were done with purpose and malice.
You are all public servants, sworn to integrity, to uphold the rule of law, and serve the citizens of British Columbia.
You have failed miserably. We went to you for help telling the truth the entire time. You helped us by entrapping us and destroying a legitimate company along with facilitating the loss of shareholders' money you are supposedly mandated to protect.
We never committed fraud and would not be guilty of your only charge against us had you done your job when we went to you for help.
Who thought a $9-million disgorgement fee or any disgorgement fee at all would be justice in this case?
You ignore the real scammers and crime. What none of you realize is that it is not us who were really on trial. It was all of you, and you have all failed to act with any integrity whatsoever.
Did you know your boss could have possibly settled all this with a phone call or meeting a long time ago?
How long do you think an RCMP investigation can be squashed before it all blows up?
Do you think you can really get away with destroying the lives of innocent people and not suffer the consequences?
How much money has been spent to suppress us?
Every time you send your surveillance teams after me, you give me more bullets to bring you all down with.
It’s to bad none of you have a conscience, or this could all have possibly been avoided.

                                                                                             Christopher Burke and Peter Harris


As always more to come..

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