Tuesday, 23 August 2016


 A link to one of our allies seeking justice. Flag Resources was a 60 year old Canadian mining icon with a promising future before its demise at the hands of the BCSC among other parties.
 As with most small mining companies in Canada 'shadow forces' have worked to ensure that Flag never reached its full potential and used every dirty trick in the book to destroy the company along with the investments of over 3000 shareholders in Canada and the US.

 We know who these 'shadow forces' were and in due time it will be revealed.
For now here is the link to how the BC Securities Commission helped destroy Flag Resources.

In other developments we have had group of Financial Professionals who represent a small to medium sized investment firm approach us and indicate they are ready and willing to join the our battle against the corrupted Regulators in this nation.
 We will withhold their names and the name of the firm for the time being, as we have stated all in due time.

 As always more to come..
Christopher Burke


  The author of this blog Mr. Christopher Burke announces the immediate termination of all ties with Mountainstar Gold and Brent Johnson immediately.

 BC Securities Commission A Sham will continue to push for regulatory reform and restoration of the rule of law in Canada with its many other partners including www.bcsccriminalcharges.blogspot.com
www.bcsctruthmovement.com, www.waterwarcrimes.com

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Saturday, 13 August 2016


More on how George Bush Senior, Brian Mulrony, Barrick Gold and numerous other influential public officials and businessmen have used Barrick Gold ..


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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

In Regards to SRO's (Self Regulating Organizations) such as the BCSC, the OSC, the TSX etc.

From the desk of our fellow Regulatory Reformer Alan Blanes, Alan is also the Canadian contact for Public Banking.

In Regards to SRO's (Self Regulating Organizations) such as the BCSC, the OSC, the TSX etc.

The practice of a self-regulating investment governance system demonstrates an open door to biased treatment, that tends to reinforce a closed shop and bad faith governance model.

It is time to go back to the Royal Proclamation of 1763 in its requirements that contracts be public and requiring mutual consent. This is the way to have contracts that are worth engaging in. The SRO poison adopted by regulators that put confidentiality first - are not honouring the Royal Proclamation. Just the opposite.

The Doctrine of Discovery that facilitated abuse and undermining of the Original Societies of the New World enabled corporate interests to think that they are dealing with a blank slate - where the only thing that matters is their own financial position [viz. short term profit maximization].

An item of evidence on the delusion that underlays the contempt for open public contracts that ought to provide equal benefit to all sides, can be seen in the willful blindness of the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Bernard Valcourt on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Royal Proclamation [Oct 7, 2013], where he stated at a symposium that was held by the Land Claims Agreements Coalition on that date: "Well, it is important to note that here in Canada, there is no place for the Doctrine of Discovery. It plays no part at all in our relationship with Aboriginal peoples in Canada."

Valcourt is not paying any attention to hidden conditions in contracts and other attempts to cheat a party to an agreement. When ever an example of secretive, unaccountable and arbitrary acts by regulators of investment creates an undermining of the right to economic self determination of any of the Peoples and individuals within Canadian territory, we have the legacy of the blank slate lawlessness of the Doctrine of Discovery.

I would invite all companies in the Americas that see and have experienced the predatory intent of oligarch-centric investment regulation, to join in gathering up all these examples, and seeking a relationship with Indigenous Government to take the evidence for all forms of predatory lawlessness involving investment within the lands of Turtle Island - and other areas where confidentiality is being used to impose senseless abuse on individuals and companies - and with these gathered-up, documented examples, that these be taken to Geneva to the Council of Jurists. A grievance needs to be argued that the right to economic self determination is being breached by the disregard of the requirements for honourable, open - not confidential - contracts. There is evidence that the Economic and Social Council would find in favour of those whose interests have been undermined by bad faith governance.

From the desk of Alan Blanes
Esteemed Alumni of the University of the Fraser Valley


Our letter to the BCSC and its employees, a publicly published warning to the BCSC employees that their Chief Executive Officer Ms. Brenda Leong was leading them down the wrong path and would bury them all with her actions. The letter was sent in January of this year, since then the BCSC has faced a widespread storm of criticism regarding its criminal behavior and it is only just beginning.
 Pension Funds, Unions and other large Institutional Investors who have been compromised by the actions of our criminal Regulators in Canada are beginning to get involved and the movement for restitution of the Rule of Law in the financial industry grows exponentially by the week.


Dear BCSC and its employees;
I write to inform you that your boss has made a terrible choice and unfortunately many of you will suffer for it.
Certainly, some of you are just as guilty in the matter between BCSC and U-GO Brands, as the many offences committed during the prosecution's attempt to make a phoney case against U-GO were done with purpose and malice.
You are all public servants, sworn to integrity, to uphold the rule of law, and serve the citizens of British Columbia.
You have failed miserably. We went to you for help telling the truth the entire time. You helped us by entrapping us and destroying a legitimate company along with facilitating the loss of shareholders' money you are supposedly mandated to protect.
We never committed fraud and would not be guilty of your only charge against us had you done your job when we went to you for help.
Who thought a $9-million disgorgement fee or any disgorgement fee at all would be justice in this case?
You ignore the real scammers and crime. What none of you realize is that it is not us who were really on trial. It was all of you, and you have all failed to act with any integrity whatsoever.
Did you know your boss could have possibly settled all this with a phone call or meeting a long time ago?
How long do you think an RCMP investigation can be squashed before it all blows up?
Do you think you can really get away with destroying the lives of innocent people and not suffer the consequences?
How much money has been spent to suppress us?
Every time you send your surveillance teams after me, you give me more bullets to bring you all down with.
It’s to bad none of you have a conscience, or this could all have possibly been avoided.

                                                                                             Christopher Burke and Peter Harris


As always more to come..


Message body

Saturday, 6 August 2016


 The following is a letter sent from a concerned private investor who saw how the Regulators and the Financial "Gurus' could use their position to rig the market and began to call our Premier on it. Of course we know since then the BC Securities Commission has only gone on to commit further crimes as our politicians run and hide..
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 1:09 PM
To: Premier@gov.bc.ca
Subject: What's to prevent unscrupulous mining analysts from gaming the B.C. Securities Commission and the mining industry generally?
March 10/11
Dear Premier Clark,
I've been scrolling through the B.C. Securities Commission (BCSC) excellent three-year service plan and note with interest that professional fees actually declined this year when a number of enforcement actions completed. Well done!
I note, too, that investor education continues to be a priority at the commission, so I have asked it for some guidance regarding the obligations of mining analysts and their reports to investors, namely, how to interpret/evaluate a newsletter or report by an analyst from an influential source, such as a bank or brokerage outlet, when the newsletter or report calls into question information provided by a mining firm in a National Instrument (NI) 43-101 Technical Report? How much discretion do mining analysts have to challenge information provided in a (NI) 43-101, a framework of very strict rules and definitions miners are obliged to follow? Why, I wonder, are analysts immune from these or any similar restrictions when their comments concern the same information - when they are, in fact, selling a derivative of that very same mine?
These questions are especially troubling considering that the analyst's opinion is not available to all investors equally and that it will almost certainly influence stock price, especially in these days of algorithmic or black-box trading, which now accounts for the bulk of all trading.
How does an investor distinguish legitimate, well-reasoned criticism from a deliberate attempt to influence the market for personal gain? I hope as an investor that I am relying on something stronger than the analyst's personal/professional integrity to resist what must be a powerful temptation, and we all know what Oscar Wilde had to say about temptation: 'The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.' Tut-tut.
Frankly, I wonder if the financial elite isn't exploiting the gap between the reporting obligations of miners and analysts to create uncertainty, effectively gaming the BCSC by compelling its attention and review process ultimately for personal gain.
I'm concerned in particular with Rubicon Minerals' Valentine's Day announcement that its (NI) 43-101 on the Phoenix project had somehow been called into question by the commission. Alas, a subsequent query I made to BCSC proved fruitless. Yahoo stock boards referred to two reports - one by Andrew Kaip, a geologist/analyst with BMO and another by Toll Cross Securities - both of which challenged Rubicon resource estimates using, in my view, highly questionable reasoning. Could either of these have compelled a BCSC review, I wondered? What do similar BCSC Decisions and Orders reveal? My conclusions are troubling.
Of the 111 BCSC Decisions and Orders I reviewed first in February and again March 10/11 following a search of the terms "43-101", almost half (44%) concerned failure to file a technical report or another required document. Rubicon has never been cited for any such omission. Another 13.5% involved OTCBB companies, mostly pink sheets that have never filed documents at SEDAR. No application to Rubicon. Almost a third (31.5%) were routine inquiries, most often applications to be excused from having to provide a certain routine document. Again, no application to Rubicon. Only 10.8% - 12 actual cases - examined in any detail the contents of a particular technical report. A summary of each decision is provided at http://www.goldminerpulse.com/blogs/bcsc.php. I also note that in each case, the source of BCSC's concern is clearly stated.
There is nothing at all on point with the Rubicon inquiry - not one decision or order - so there was no way at all for investors to anticipate this challenge, which was nevertheless sufficient to drive the stock price down by 20% and in a rising gold market!
Certainly no one would question the expertise and authority of Rubicon's report author, Peter George, a geologist with 40 years of experience, much of it in gold mines in the same mining district as the Phoenix project, the subject of the report. He was responsible for the Bruce Channel Exploration Target Potential for Gold Eagle Mines Ltd., a report which prompted Goldcorp's purchase of Gold Eagle for more than C$1 billion. A fortieri, Goldcorp recently allocated an estimated $420 million to develop the Bruce Channel deposit with a planned fourth quarter 2014 production start date. The development includes construction of a five-kilometre tunnel to connect the bottom portion of the Bruce Channel deposit with the Campbell Mine in Red Lake, Ont., a mine less than 10 km from the Rubicon deposit.
For a variety of no doubt sound reasons, Rubicon has declined to expand on the Feb. 14th announcement but, in the meantime, small investors are hemorrhaging. Are you satisfied, as I am not, that the commission is indeed acting appropriately and clearly within the scope of its authority in the case of Rubicon and not on a tip-off by one or more members of the financial elite deliberately creating uncertainty in an effort to manipulate stock price for personal gain?
While I am aware and indeed supportive of B.C.'s recent initiatives with the federal government to develop our mining industry as well as various federal and provincial mandates to streamline Canadian securities regulation post-global financial crisis, I can't help worrying about the increased opportunities for market manipulation such initiatives create - especially in view of the gaps in reporting obligations between miners (legally-enforceable technical reports) and analysts (fuzzily-worded code of professional ethics and IROC regulations - mere guidelines). How easy it would be for an unscrupulous analyst to create a scandal on par with Bre-X by publishing competing resource estimates with no comparable reporting requirements.
I would be most grateful for any assurance you can give me that the current regulatory system is working as intended and that it's fully adequate to the task for which it was created.
Thank-you for your kind attention.
Name withheld..
 Perhaps Ms. Clark would have been wise to attend to the smoke way back before it was a full blown fire?
 As always there will be more..




See an exert and link to an article from BC Business Magazine in 2012 regarding BC Securities Commission CEO Brenda Leong and how Ms. Leong claims she is cleaning up the Financial Securities Markets in BC.

Image by: Adam Blasberg
“This marketplace is a very important source of capital for startup companies and B.C. is often referred to as the startup capital of Canada."

With B.C. home to more than half the young companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, Brenda Leong makes sure the (legit) financing keeps flowing.

"Wearing an elegant, tailored pink leather jacket and understated black dress, Brenda Leong doesn’t look the type to thrive on fast-paced, high-stakes action. Nor does her resumé suggest an affinity for the fast and the furious: BComm, University of Alberta; LLB, University of Toronto; half a dozen years in corporate law before joining the provincial securities regulator in 1992. Yet every day when she reports to work, the soft-spoken 51-year-old chair and CEO of the B.C. Securities Commission immerses herself in the high-risk, high-reward world of venture financing in the province.
To be sure, B.C. has come a long way since its infamous designation as “scam capital of the world” by Forbes magazine in 1989. In fact, when Leong stepped into her current position in 2009, taking the baton from Doug Hyndman, chair of the commission since its founding in 1987, the commission’s top spot had matured from sheriff of the Wild West to regulator of an internationally recognized hub of venture finance. Nevertheless, in the world of Canadian finance, B.C. remains the polar opposite of staid and orderly Toronto, and Leong wouldn’t have it any other way."


 The article continues to applaud Ms. Leong for her supposed success in cleaning up the Financial Securities Markets in BC however thousands of people across Canada and the world are now becoming aware of the truth despite every effort by the mainstream media to silence this movement.

 The entire Securities Regulatory Regime in Canada is a sham, it simply gives the regulators powers to whitewash crimes and rig the market in collusion with large international players, through the BCSC, the OSC and the TMX Group Canada is very influential in manipulating the price of gold and rigging the markets.

 See how the current powers that be plan on removing integrity as a principle from the framework of their legal structure and replacing it with the powers whitewash the truth.

And how the proposed new Capital Markets Stability Act will simply be a sham, the proposed new national regulators will only further their crimes and the rule of law will not exist.

The following is further information regarding the collusion between Barrick Gold, the BCSC, and the TSX to rig the gold markets, while the truth is ignored by our regulators the reality is that Barrick does not own the Pascua Lama mine in Chile as it claims on its prospectus and our Regulators and Governments have known this for a long time yet covered the truth.

The following is taken from my partner Peter Harris's blog,


What we can not comprehend is that for the last two and half years, U-GO Brands has been sounding the alarm with elected officials, bureaucrats and a verity of Government Agencies to no avail about the BC Securities corruption, abuses and not operating within the Rule of Law. Also, this applies to other Provincial Securities Commissions, the TSX, and other reputable firms.

What a Canadian Disgrace
It takes a small foreign country and a small Canadian mining company to have the courage to bring indictable offenses and expose the largest gold fraud and Ponzi scam in history. The Chilean Barrick/BCSC criminal case is going to make the Bernie Madoff and Bre-X scandals look like armature hour and our Canadian Government to date has done nothing, what are the Canadian lawmakers doing waiting?

No Canadian Government Interaction Whatsoever with its Citizens
What is discouraging is that as Canadian citizens, if you contact any Government Official or Department with Whistleblowing material and evidence. We can guarantee you by experience; you will never receive a reply from the Government. It feels as if the Government be it Federal or Provincial, it operates under hidden agendas and Government Rip-offs perpetrated on Canadian citizens does not seem to be a concern or a priority to the Government or the Courts for that matter.

Government Denial of any Wrongdoing
For the last ten years or more, no-one in the Canadian Government ever asked as to why Peter Munk founder of Barrick Gold has become the largest gold producer in the world? If you refer to the following Barrick Gold link: http://www.barrick.com/company/board-of-directors/default.aspx you will notice that Barrick has two boards of Directors.

The Second Board isThe Barrick Gold International Advisory Board” and its Chair is Brian Mulroney and it has members such as José María Aznar, Prime Minister of Spain * John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada * Secretary William Cohen, United States Senator and Secretary of Defense *  Newt Gingrich United States Speaker of the House * Andrónico Luksic, Vice Chairman Banco de Chile and more.

Influence Pedaling
With such an influential list of retired or active politicians, it is no wonder that Peter Munk succeeded in his endeavor to be number one gold producer in the world. The facts speak for themselves, and this is one criminal case that Peter Munk, Barrick Gold, the BCSC, and others will not survive.

International World Stage
How is it going to look when the Barrick/BCSC case goes public, and Canada is seen on the international stage as having no “National Regulatory System” in place, and is operating under a defunct and corrupt Provincial Regulatory System that has been ripping off small start-up companies for years. As a result, the BCSC has destroyed hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs that wanted to contribute to society and provide for their families and not be dependent on government subsidies. What a shame that this has been happening in Canada for years now and no politician wants to step-up to the plate and do the right thing as they have taken an oath to protect Canadians from such a catastrophic mess.

We hope one day that Government transparency and honesty will be the norm.

Peter Harris
U-GO Brands Nutritional Products Inc.

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There is no chance on Earth that Barrick or BCSC will win at PASCUA v MSX



 The truth is that regardless of the outcome of the Mountainstar V. Barrick and BCSC fight, the BCSC is guilty of numerous crimes against numerous companies. Many of these companies have not yet been named on this blog nor has further evidence against the BCSC and its employees including Brenda Leong been released with good reason. All in due time, we must peel aside each layer of defence around the BCSC until it can no longer stand. Criminal charges are coming make no mistake about it, we know the RCMP are done doing the dirty work of the BCSC and their dirty bankster friends.

 That's why Brenda Leong the CEO of the BC Securities Commission felt the need to have someone phone me and identify themselves only as officer Pierre (an inside joke) and threaten to arrest me if I continue to tell the truth about Brenda Leong and the BC Securities Commission. She could no longer have police officers visit Peter or myself and obstruct justice by threatening us with Criminal charges for telling the truth. We are aware that this was simply a desperate move by a desperate criminal who is sitting in her ivory tower watching her empire burn all around her. Impersonating a police officer in order to further obstruct justice is a very serious crime. Given the fact that I happen to hold or have access to a massive pile of evidence of which this particular crime would pale in comparison it is safe to say that in a fair and just court of law (Which we are working to ensure) numerous employees of the BCSC and other high level bankers and politicians will face life in prison.

 Make no mistake about it we know who the snakes that walk among you are and we are coming for each and everyone of you, we will return the rule of law to Canada and it will start with the financial regulatory regime..