Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Surveillance Files 3 - A brief rundown of the Cyberwars - Plus BC Securities breaks into Hotel Room to Tamper!

Why is the BC Securities Commission allowed to hire hackers and thugs to intimidate someone into silence when they are victims of a multitude of Federally indictable offences?

  Why would the BC Securities Commission have to hire people to break into our families Hotel room last year long after they knew we were innocent and tamper with my laptop?
 Why will the hotel not release the surveillance footage, likely because the Manager on duty was paid off. There were cameras directly above the door.
 We had been out for about seven or eight hours that day and came back around 9 or 10 pm that night, upon our return we witnessed two people leaving our hotel room, one hid behind the other while the other stammered an excuse when we demanded to know why they were in the room. We were told we hadn't talked to Front desk in 24 hrs and as per policy they did a room check. We were not gone nearly that long. On top of that my laptop had a false version of windows on it that popped up when I started it up that night. They had attempted to put a Trojan in my laptop. Why won't the Kelowna RCMP contact us regarding this vital evidence, I have multiple witnesses to confirm that this happened. We have been trying repeatedly to contact the RCMP regarding our already filed charges against the  BCSC and additional charges to be filed. Hotel video tape footage would help us verify this however the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway in Vancouver BC has not been helpful at all.

 In addition they sent these two to follow me around the same time. I knew they were tailing me all day and eventually got the opportunity to get these pics. When I went to the washroom one would follow me.. Once I got the pics I waved at them, they spooked both looked down at phones, paid up and got out. 

This is just one of many times they have someone on me or even friends and family, sometimes nets of twenty on foot and in vehicles. They are doing this despite knowing we are innocent.

I have also included a screen shot of someone hacking into my email while I was releasing information to the press about how the BCSC is spying illegally on citizens and tampering with their email. See the small yellow print at the bottom lets me know that someone has logged into my email from somewhere else and is on it simultaneously. Sometimes they actively work against me by destroying my email lists, and work done. They have forced me to secure myself digitally. They still listen in but its everything I want them to know. We have nothing to hide as we have stated from the beginning, however if the BC Securities Commission is going to criminally harass us, destroy our reputations and a perfectly good start up company based on lies then we will be forced to defend ourselves and take the BC Securities Commission down.

Are these the actions of an Securities Commission that has integrity and ethics?
 Why would they spend so much money on black ops teams trying to make a case when they knew that there should never have been a U-GO Brands case?

Where are the RCMP in all of this, they originally told us two months ago that our charges filed July 3rd 2015 were proven however the case had gone to a special investigations unit for further investigation. Since then the BC Securities Commission has only stepped up its campaign of Black choppers, thugs and cyber-warfare against us. The RCMP hide. Why? The Commission has already declared us guilty? If what we are saying is not true why does the BC Securities Commission hide behind private armies instead of suing us for slander?

As always more to come..

Christopher Burke
Peter Harris

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