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 The BC Securities Commission constantly uses evidence it knows to be untrue in order to back its lies.

 I will support our position with more evidence from our early dealings with the BC Securities Commission, shortly after we contacted them to report Klaus Glusing CEO of Spyru Inc. was embezzling funds from the company located in the Turks and Caicos. Klaus Glusing had been Peter Harris's boss and mentor for over two decades, Peter Harris had been a VP with cast lines where Klaus was CEO.
 Although they hadn't talked in some time Peter did not think twice regarding helping Klaus and his son Mark Glusing when they needed help bringing Spyru to market.

 Among the constant lies perpetrated by the BC Securities Commission is their insistence they looked into the affairs of Klaus Glusing and found no evidence of wrongdoing. This is contrary to what Mr. Harris discovered when they hired a detective agency to investigate and discovered that the BCSC was aware of Klaus Glusing committing fraud in the 90's in a case involving Valueship. Mr Peter Harris was not aware of Mr. Glusings involvement nor was he party or accomplice in the defrauding of Spyru investors as they had not had contact for well over a decade.

 The following will display contrary to the statements and evidence provided by the council for the Executive Director that Mr. Klaus Glusing was in charge of Spyru, Mr. Cire and Mr. Harris had no control over Spyru. Why then did the BC Securities Commission continue to try to prosecute them for fraud?

Klaus taking presidency of Spyru as evidenced through these copies of email communications that took place. Keep in mind we have dozens have these types of emails however the BC Securities Commission can only provide us with one email to evidence their claims. One where BCSC officials contact Klaus Glusing in regards to the fraud and Klaus says that Mr. Harris and Mr. Cire are in charge and he has nothing to do with the money. See the following..

Subsequently Klaus Glusing deceives Mr Ting

Further evidence on Mr. Harris and Mr. Glusings relationship, Mr.Glusing indicates he is not happy with Mr. Harris's work on Spyru in Kelowna despite the success to get it on shelves. Around the same time Mr. Harris is discovering his former boss has betrayed them and is robbing them blind, hence the distracted work.

   What these and other communications make clear is that we have told the truth in relation to Spryu from the beginning. Klaus Glusing was the Boss, the money as the BC Securities Commission knows and knew when it attempted to prosecute us for fraud anyways was never in the control of Cire and Harris as they were not in control of Spryu.

Here are continuing allegations of Fraud despite the BC Securities Commissions knowledge that not only are Mr. Cire and Mr. Harris not guilty of these charges, even if they were the BCSC did NOT have jurisdiction to prosecute them for the alleged crime.

 The BCSC regardless of this information continued to attempt to prosecute the respondents for fraud in Oct of 2014. William Ting was aware in July 2013 that Klaus Glusing was in charge of Spyru, hence he wrote him an email and got the response shared above from Klaus. BCSC officials were aware of who was in charge of Spryu in 2013 but decided to ignore the truth to attempt to railroad Mr. Harris and Mr. Cire. Klaus Glusing died shortly thereafter.

 Just one of many reasons we do not trust the BC Securities Commission, one never knows if they are telling the truth.

Peter Harris
Christopher Burke

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