Thursday, 4 February 2016


Dear Government Hired Thugs,

   Do think I don't know when you follow friends and family while you think I'm chilling at home?
 One of these days very soon I will have time to go back to some spy games and reveal what all of you really do. You drive around in unmarked trucks and vans -often but not always white. Sometimes you switch up or use company vehicles, often you are dressed in military fatigues as you stalk innocent citizens who stand up for what is right. Sometimes you hide your faces as I snap pictures of you when you finally switch vehicles and I still find you. Sometimes you have no idea where I am watching waiting for you fuckers. Do you all think you are real soldiers? Did they tell you we are some sort of terrorist threat for standing up for our human and civil rights?
 Do you all feel tough stalking a woman while she grieves the loss of her child?
Do you think your untouchable? The BC Securities Commission thought they were untouchable..

 Do think that the few pictures we posted here are the only evidence we have of you?
 Maybe I have more?
Or as I told Christy Clark do think when you intercepted the pictures I was developing at London Drugs and flew a black chopper over when I went to pick up said pictures only to find a few negatives left that perhaps I have been waiting for you to do so for some time??

 Ask Christy Clark and Brenda Leong how deep they want to bury themselves?
 I will use everything you throw at me against you. We are not your enemy we are simply standing up for our right not to be criminally abused by our Government agencies.
 Remember that or you will force us to take further measures for our protection and in order to ensure your crimes come to light.

Christopher Burke
Peter Harris

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