Thursday, 11 February 2016


Dear Brenda Leong,

 We write to first of all inform you as we have many times before that we will continue to attack and destroy the BC Securities Commission in every legal aspect we can. The BC Securities Commission is well aware of the crimes it has committed. If the BCSC was so concerned with maintaining integrity, ethics and a fair and unbiased legal process in the marketplace we would not have to do so. Mr. James Torrance has suggested that because we refused to let our civil rights be violated and have continued to fight on the behalf of our shareholders many of whom are close friends and family we are a threat to the integrity of the marketplace.
 I ask you Ms. Leong what is more of a threat to the financial marketplace and the public whom you are supposed to protect and serve?
 We reported fraud and we even reported our own possible contraventions under the Act. We were prepared to step down and pay the fines associated with any Contraventions. We all know however that the only Contravention of the Securities Act that we were found guilty of in the end should not have existed in the first place. Why has the BC Securities Commission been deceptive from the day we contacted them, why do they ignore the truth?
 The BCSC does have protection under Section 170 of the Act however only if the BCSC is acting in 'Good Faith'
 We ask you how can the BC Securities Commission be said to operate in good faith when it commits the following offences of which we have plenty of evidence for;
 Perjury.. The entire investigation is built on Ms Donders testimony yet she has lied more times then we have yet counted. Under oath, in her affidavits, every time she opens her mouth its a contradiction.
 Why deceive and mislead us for nine months after we come to you for help?.. we hire Securities attorneys and make every effort to be compliant, Mr Ting knew we wanted to save the U-GO Brands investors and instead of helping chose to lead us down a path of entrapment. Why all the lies?
 Why did the BCSC twice post the Thibert Accounts for the public to see?
Why did the BCSC send someone to break into my hotel room? Didn't have any evidence? As we have said before we are innocent. Why did the BCSC try to prosecute U-GO Brands directors for fraud almost a year after they knew we were not guilty?
 How can the BCSC have any credibility when it tells us transcripts for preliminary hearings don't exist? We know they did as we all said our name for the stenographer. Even if they didn't that's just as bad their is no justification for such arbitrary actions.
 Why illegally CTO bank accounts and then lie to cover it up?
Why the Choppers and surveillance teams, remember who our friends are did you think we wouldn't notice?
 Why does the BCSC hide from the truth?
 We all know that U-GO Brands never should have been shut down and the entire sham of an investigation never should have happened. We are just beginning the first phase of a multipronged campaign that will destroy the BCSC if needed. As we have stated before we do not want it to come to this but you have left us no choice. 
 See the story breaking here.. this will be just the tip of the iceberg.. you cannot hold this dam back from breaking any longer. You should have kept your word and talked to us.
Brenda its a shame it has come to this but you have left us no choice, we strived to be part of building a strong start-up culture here with integrity ethics and a very viable business. Your agency destroyed that in a criminal manner and will have to rectify the situation or face further consequences for it actions against us. Last weeks little media blitz in the US is just the beginning of our fight for justice. We are still waiting for that phone-call you promised Mr. Harris... 
Christopher Burke
Peter Harris

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