Friday, 22 September 2017

BC Securities Commission Ordered To Pay Legal Costs In BC Court Of Appeals Loss

  Further on the case of Poonian v. the BCSC, BCSC is ordered to pay legal costs in BC Court of Appeals case it recently lost. This is the same case where the BCSC withheld hundreds of pieces of evidence so it could 'make' its case against Mr. Poonian. We have previously reported on this here among other posts. Breaking News in the Case of Poonian v. BC Securities Commission

The BC Securities Commission will not Appeal the ruling by the BC Court of Appeals to Canadian Supreme Court. Mr. Poonian will no longer have to pay any fines or disgorgement fees to the BCSC as a result of this ruling along with BCSC covering his legal costs. See court documents below, to obtain a copy of this ruling one can email and request documents pertaining to this case should they not be made available online by the various government agencies involved.

More to come..

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