Monday, 7 August 2017

What Does the BCSC Do All Day? It Certainly Does Not Administer Justice Or Protect The Public

 Dear Brenda Leong, CEO of the BCSC:

  When will the BC Securities Commission do its job and administer justice to the people of this nation?

  We have documented many crimes of the BC Securities Commission in regards to multiple cases besides the U-GO Brands/Spyru saga. It would seem that the criminal actions experienced in our case (U-Go Brands) are pretty much standard procedures. Collude, extort, intimidate, obstruct, deny, deny and hide behind a wall of silence.

 We have warned you this will no longer be tolerated, justice is soon coming to this planet.

 We will now demonstrate a letter from a shareholder in a company that was called St. Elias Gold (SLI) that was destroyed so that the CEO and others could rob the shareholders of what may be one of the largest gold deposits in history. We have previously reported on this story here.
The Story of St. Elias Gold - Another Multi Billion Dollar Frap Operation for A Shadow Company?

 Posted below is a letter to public officials at the BCSC and the TSX regarding the fraud that took place from a shareholder of SLI who was left like the others with worthless shares after a bait and switch scheme swapped out the valuable real estate for worthless dirt.


I recently contacted both the BCSC and TSX and was surprised by the response I received. 
First I emailed BCSC to follow up on Mr. Costin's promise to speak to the TSX on the Cueva Blanca sale. His response was that Mr. Shon is no longer with the TSX but it was his understanding that they would look into my concerns.
I then contacted the TSX regarding this. Their response:
All investigations and communications between an Exchange listed issuer and the Exchange are private and confidential.  Normally, we do not provide any data to outside parties unless required to do so by law.  A full review was completed and all files were closed June 17, 2013. 
June 17, 2013????? Lori didn't even put out the NR about the sale of the Cueva Blance until July of 2013, then it took me almost a year to discover that Harold Waller was the buyer of it. When I sent the documents to him he answered by saying he is unable to read Spanish.
This tells me that any complaint we have made to the TSX since 2013 has been filed in the trash bin, including pics of the core shack at the Tesoro in 2014 to which Shon responded "Prove this is the Tesoro". 
Also, my email in 2015 apparently was not investigated even with providing Purolator  receipt:
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2015 9:04 AM
 Jeffrey Shon; 
[email protected]
 St. Elias Mines
To Whom It May Concern: 
I am writing once again to present more information for the ongoing investigation of St. Elias Mines Ltd. 
In the past, many shareholders have forwarded their concerns regarding possible wrongdoings of management. 
Just to list a few: 
We have provided audio of the CEO addressing the shareholders making false claims about Quantec’s involvement in Peru. 
We have questioned the missing azimuths from the drill results, a requirement set forth in the 43-101. 
I have provided documents showing our B.C. properties being flipped between management and family members for large profits. I have also shown how our Peruvian property, Cueva Blanca, was sold to the company of an SLI employee, not to Minera Elemento 79 as stated in a news release. This is clearly a non arms length transaction. 
In July of 2014, a news release was put out stating that SLI had let the remaining properties lapse, followed 3 days later by another news release saying that “actually” the vigencias and penalties had been paid on 4 of the claims. 
So, in response to a June news release, stating “The Company is open to any serious offers to acquire any properties in its portfolio.”, a group of shareholders sent in an offer to purchase the remaining Peruvian properties. I have attached the offer, to which we have received absolutely no response from management. I have also provided the Purolator tracking letter, showing that all 3 copies were signed for by 3 different employees at the St. Elias head office in Vancouver. Several attempts of earlier delivery were made to no avail as no one was there for receipt. One of the copies was originally sent to the CEO’s home address but was not received so Purolator was instructed to deliver that one to the office also. 
Oct 23, 20141:15 p.m.Vancouver, BCShipment delivered to CLAUDA at: RECEPTION

Oct 15, 20143:40 p.m.Vancouver, BCShipment delivered to SUZAN at: RECEPTION

Oct 20, 20142:02 p.m.Vancouver, BCShipment delivered to CATHY at: RECEPTION

I trust you will look into this matter as part of your investigation.


     The letter(s) were written by Sherrie Wagg a shareholder of St. Elias. Brenda, what is it you and your gang down on West Georgia St. do all day? Certainly not protect the public or administer justice.
Christopher Burke             

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