Sunday, 19 February 2017

Civil War Inside the Deep State

 Right now inside the United States and around the globe there is a war going on inside what is known as the 'Deep State' or the 'Shadow Government'. Although this may seem unrelated to the issues regarding the BCSC these issues are actually related. The BCSC is simply a public financial tool of the 'deep state' government that really rules the West.

 As we have mentioned before any real investigation against Barrick Gold reveals that it is a major financial tool and arm of the Deep State and is involved not just in market manipulation and fraud but likley false flag terror attacks.



 Regulators such as the BCSC and the OSC are aware of the actions of companies that are tools of the Deep State such as Barrick Gold, at the very least they are aware of the mass financial fraud.

 Instead of doing their jobs they have chosen to let the fraud continue.

See below link to an interesting article regarding the war inside the Deep State, a possible precursor to Civil War in the US.


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