Monday, 23 January 2017

Judges, RBC and Racketeering

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It is anther excellent example of the Racketeering going on in our nation.


I have lived in North America for 44 years and always believed in Law and order. Nothing could be further from the Truth in British Columbia. Racketeering is the order of the day in Canada as Lawyers and Judges pre-determine out comes behind closed doors then enter a public court room with the pre-determined judgement that cheat foreign born Kikes (Sanctioned by the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department) like me out of millions. What a scam. Banks Pay off these Judges huge amounts of money in cash and gold certificates which they keep in safety deposit boxes in the bank or in their homes in wall safes.

No wonder the Canadian Economy is on the skids. Its Banks like the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Nova Scotia that are rigging world metal and financial markets to hide their dark pool trading, falsification of millions of trades and rigging of world stock markets are causing retail investors to abandon the stock market and move into income producing opportunities. As Canadian Pension Plans collapse causing millions of retired Canadians back into the work force as they have lost their nest eggs and are living on their home equity which is about to collapse when the overheated Housing market crashes in the not to distant future caused by real estate computer manipulation.
Financial fraud by the Big Canadian Banks seems to have proliferated in recent years as volatility has increased as markets go down. In fact, when the market drops and assets levels fall, and bank clients seek to redeem their investments, those redemption notices put the Banks on the ropes because they have to come up with the money to return. Something they do not like to do.
That's how Madoff was caught. It wasn't from a whistle-blower, but it should have been.    

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