Monday, 19 December 2016

BCSC is a Jack (New Jack City)

           Verse One
                     701 West Georgia  The epicentre of what it all boils down to
                   the brass tax the raw beef BC Securities Commission financial regulators
                    all dressed up like tweens on Halloween when the parties done
                      we see who they bee see the rats flee like the pied pipers come
            bricks all coming down on these Wall St. clowns
                Man Im shoveling more dirt then all the lawyers at McCarthy Tetrault
                   trying to bury many a ex prime minister skeleton six feet below
                       the dirt spells their death its written in Alpha Omega script
             so even the rocks will cry out if it gets wet
                all your intelligence ops surveillance vans and you
                            still have no idea what makes a man how you gonna fight
                     what you don't understand call me ghosted I be gone with the wind
                    while you still trying to clean up the piss in your pants
                 Im moving everywhere I multiply like bugs in plants
                       Bitch Ima Cockroach youll still find me crawling even after a nuclear blast
                       so surreal Im the truth you cant change me even if you go back to the past
                    I live in a different universe then you but in every world your house is still made of glass
                    standing on sand I aint perfect but I aint stupid bro Im standing on solid rock
               when the water rises above low land
             New Jack City, New Jack City
                                                   New Jack City Yo
                                            Welcome To New Jack City
         Verse Two
             Coast to Coast to Coast got enemies plotting they wanna see nation toast
                    glutenous bankster clones disguised in a finanacial regulatory role
                 disguised in a financial securities regulatory role helicopters swoop in on the low
                     black ops teams always running perimeters this this how these snakes try to keep control
                   fake images bombard the media papers with news of conspiracy theorists and    terrorists  why do you think they call it tell-a-vision programming
             they only let you see what they want you to think you know
                               any threat to a church whose god is money is labeled an extremist a heritic
                       so surreal with a full clip bite the bullet it came from the hip
                       forget the lines you can see the writings written on the wall
                            its written in blood and it says we cant breathe its the self indictment of our enemies
                          its the hustle of the hoar of Babylon you can find her down on Georgia Street
                        Vancouver BC the siren cry of the BCSC just a tentacle of the beast but we
                           killing this animal slow like radiation poisoning or GMOs
                     So many tetacles you gotta cut a swath like a fake manufactured warcrisis                    
Just to get at the head and end it all 
                                Half Arther half Aztec call me a noble savage surreal when I ravage
                            call me a bitch  see me do Katrina damage you got your HAARP
                       but when I spit its harder then a sword set in the stone
                       so go ahead call me to your Kangaroo court see me spit on you all
                         just remember it was you who started it you who picked this war
                        surreal the last scene you see again to flash before your eyes right before you fall
         Chorus Repeat
         Verse Three
         This that West Georgia street hustle flow out here in the wild where there is no rule of law
               right her in Vancity where the worlds dirty money flow like tequila in Mexico
                   Regulators just fake sheriffs with a badge robbin honest folk of their cash
                           a Judiciary no better a house divided against itself cannot last
               so their own lies have ensured the crash no golden parachutes when we done
            no jumping from the plane to escape in the jungle like them Bre X Schemers son
                       we ripping off the ski masks the illusion you protect the public
            why don't you tell them about St. Elias or the Water War Crimes former BCSC CEO
                             Douglas Hyndman tried to hide tell em how you ensure justice
                 when destroying court hearing transcripts manipulate and with-hold evidence
                     lie under oath and write letters with prejudice cover for Barricks Barracudas
                            G.H.W Bush Mulroney International arms dealer Addnan Kashoggi
                  ripping nations to shreds is what they do just another step in the Georgia St. Hustle
                                       don't look now but the Emperor is dancing naked for you
                                              that's Brenda twerking like Miley on your lap
                 and their goes Monk behind your back running home to the Cabals lair with your loot
                           stealing money you didn't know you had this this just another chapter in
                                          the West Georgia Street rap the title if you didn't know
                                                     The BC Securities Commission is a Jack

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Christopher Burke


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