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More On Barrick Gold, How they Murder, Rape and Steal while Destorying the Planet

More on Barrick Gold, how they Murder, Rape and Steal while destroying the planet with seeming impunity. As well as a link to one of the legal cases against Barrick Gold for those that may be interested.

 The following exert is taken from a study done on Barrick's unscrupulous activities around the world at Direct link to study will be included below.


On September 19, 2012 at 3:30 PM, about a hundred protesters
from the Marinayoc Community, a close neighbour
of Barrick’s Pierina gold and silver mine, marched
through their lands and gathered at the mine’s main gate
known as Bravo 22. They demanded that Barrick fulfill its
promises to provide the community with fresh and clean
water. It seemed reasonable, as the massive open pit and
other infrastructure built by the Toronto-based company
both destroyed the mountain as well as its “filtraciones”
[filtrations], the water sources that used to provide for
their consumption and crops in the dry season.
While they were protesting at the gate, the police - brought
by Barrick to protect their installations - fired gas bombs.

The protestors dispersed down the hill while the police
chased them and attacked them with shotguns. Nemesio
Poma Rosales (55) was wounded and taken into the company
facilities where he later died. His body was released
by Barrick to the local morgue in Jangas - the capital of the
district - the next day at 2AM.
According to Lima-based newspaper La Republica, “Edith Poma denounced that
her father Nemesio was taken alive to the mine medical
post where, she affirmed, he bled to death”.

Alejandro Tomás Rosales Chávez (45) was wounded in
his back by bullet splinters while he was escaping the gas.

Meanwhile, Eulogio Rosas Julca (23), Marcelina Nolasco

Albina (37), Agripina Lucas Rosas (40), Rolando Nolasco
Albino (22) and Gilberto Norabuena (28) all suffered

A preliminary investigation of what happened that day at
the Bravo 22 gate conducted by the Fiscal Roland Martín

Deza states that “the community members entered the
mine area shouting and throwing stones at the police” and
three policeman were injured. Fiscal Deza also says that
there were only eight policemen at the gate. However, according
to Jorge Castromonte, a leader of the Marinayoc
Community, there were many more policemen. Despite
the fact that the National Cabinet chief Juan Jimenez declared
that “an investigation will be launched [...] investigate
and penalize, that is what we are going to do”67 the
community does not trust the regional judicial system,
in which the mining company has a strong hand: more
than 30 community members have been charged with
trespassing or sedition.

Between the time that protests started on September 14th
and the clashes that occurred on the 19th, the company
had over 4 days to prepare a solution that could have
prevented the use of lethal force; they failed. “It is as if
they were determined to defend their gold with fire arms
against unarmed people. Since the September clashes, the
complete perimeter of the mine has been reinforced with
barbed wire. It is like they are preparing for a war” denounces
Castromonte. A day after the violence at Pierina,
Human Rights Watch issued an open letter to Ollanta
Humala expressing concern over the apparently unwarranted
use of lethal force being employed by Peruvian security
forces during confrontations with protesters.68


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