Monday, 12 December 2016

Judicial Mafia Continues to Attempt to Cover Their Tracks and Hide Their Crimes

Dear BC Ministry of Attorney General,

 Hello from!

The Judicial Mafia who pose as judges in BC Supreme Courts and pose as lawyers of good standing in the BC Law Society will face justice for real themselves very soon, we the people will no longer tolerate the ongoing abuse of power and destruction of innocent lives. How deep do you want the rabbit hole to go? You all dug it.. its a damn deep hole as we all know, deeper then shit at a pig farm😉. Deeper then Jim Prentices fiery grave. Deeper then the gold market rigging schemes of Barricks Barracudas. Deeper then why RCMP Chiefs are retiring suddenly. Wrong move on behalf of the those in the Criminal Cartel in this province who claim to be Justices.

The following exert is taken from Water War Crimes where John Carten and his allies are under attack from the BC Govt for their continued fight for justice for Canadians and innocent people who have been destroyed by various arms of the Cabal in BC. Their work to expose criminal judges, and public officials has helped break down walls ensure justice for BC citizens. The BC Govt' through the a phony legal pretext which is contrary to the concept of the rule of law seeks to silence Mr. Carten and his allies.

 The so called 'Ministry of Justice' would be wrong to think we will simply just disappear we grow in number daily and have eyes and ears everywhere.. What are you going to do about your corrupt judges Suzanne Anton? Time to make a choice because justice is truth and no matter how the Cabal attempts to destroy the truth with its war on fake news and propaganda the truth cannot be broken, It is what is, is what was and always will be. Truth and Justice go hand in hand together they cannot be broken. This means that justice is coming very soon to this planet since those that have had the opportunity to make right and ensure justice have purposefully distorted the law for their own twisted purpose for far to long.. 


British Columbia Puts Clamp of Whistle Blower Lawyer

"You're not crazy"
says Justice Jenkins     

On December 2, 2016 Justice Robert Jenkins threw out the right of Freedom of Speech in Canada at the request of lawyers working for the Government of British Columbia and its agency, the Law Society of Britisah Columbia, when he ordered Mr. Carten to stop giving legal advice to the public, which includes publishing criticism of lawyers and judges on this web site and other blogs, or go to jail and to stop sharing his legal knowledge with members of the public or he go to jail.

The attack against Mr. Carten was initiated to protect a gang of criminals operaiting inside the administration of justice including the BC Ministry of the Attorney General headquarters in Victoria and the Law Society headquarters in Vancouver.

This is the effect of the Court Order Jenkins made.
The railroad started on day one of a four day hearing.

Every motion Mr. Carten made in court was denied by Justice Jenkins. 

From the first day, Justice Jenkins proved that he was going to do exactly what the Government of British Columbia wanted.

Again and again, Justice Jenkins refused to remove himself from the case as his bias towards Mr. Carten grew more obvious with every passing day.

Mr. Carten, who was a lawyer for a very long time (22 Years), who graduated from Canada's prestigious Dalhousie Law School and who helped thousands of people with legal matters, is no longer permitted to share his knowledge with anyone and he is not permitted to tell you that he is a lawyer even if he is more skilled than most lawyers in British Columbia due to his understanding of how the legal and judicial mafia works in Canada.

So, the reader is advised that wherever the word lawyer is used to describe Mr. Carten on this web site that word is hereby declared to mean "former lawyer" and the reader is advised that Mr. Carten who many people regard as a fine lawyer may soon be put in jail because the criminal gang operating inside the Law Society some how persuaded Justice Jenkins to break four hundred years of legal jurisprudence that had protected freedom of speech in English speaking countries.

Lawyers for the British Columbia Government, Peter Ameerali, and the Law Society of British Columbia, Angela Westmacott and Michael Kleisinger advised the Court that they wanted the Court Order made quickly to specifically prevent Mr. Carten from helping both Gordon and Catherine Pastula save their farm in litigation based in what appears to lawyer inspired mortgage fraud and John Douglas English and his children in a litigation in another case involving lawyer fraud.

Not all losses in court are losses because after days of argument by legal counsel for the BC Government and its Law Society mouthpieces, Justice Jenkins looked directly at Mr. Carten and said "You' re not crazy" proving that the BC government position was a massive lie from the beginning. 



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