Saturday, 23 July 2016

BC Securities Commission Manipulates BC Supreme Court Petition..

As always there will be more to come.. there are more companies with BILLION dollar claims against the BCSC, more crimes committed by your government officials to be revealed, more cover-up by RCMP and the Judicial System, more crooked lawyers etc. however all in due time, for now a letter from Mr. Harris notifying the BCSC of our petition to BC Supreme Court to have the BCSC case struck for it was unlawful.

 The judge in the court case simply dismissed the case noting the paper work was not correctly filed and never let us speak.. While the paper work may have been wrongly filled out all the evidence was there, by law paper work errors are not reason to ignore massive amounts of evidence of criminal behavior. Was there was a reason the Judge delayed the h Hearing and switched the rooms at the last minute? By the time the judge got to our case we were the only ones left in the court room and there was no one around to witness his refusal to hear us speak at the very least..

                                  BC SECURITIES COMMISSION ARE REFUSING

Petition the Court
Rules 16- (2 and 21-5 (14))
Kelowna Registry No. 107728
Filed: Wednesday, June 30, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ms. Brenda M. Leong
David Thompson
Chair and Chief Executive Officer
General Counsel 
British Columbia Securities Commission
British Columbia Securities Commission
Paul C. Bourque
The Honorable Michael de Jong
Executive Director
Minister of Finance, British Columbia
British Columbia Securities Commission
The Honorable Christy Clark
The Honorable Suzanne Anton
Premier of British Columbia
BC Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Further to our letter of yesterday regarding the BC Securities wrongful prosecution and unlawful practices, it has become very apparent the dignitaries mentioned above holding elected positions and the Corporate Executives within the BC Securities Commission are REFUSING to communicate with us to hear our concerns. For the last two years, no one has listened to us. Thus, we have Petition the Court to hear our grievances of criminal wrongdoing and discuss the RCMP criminal investigation.

Peter Harris

Note: Since June 29, 2015, the RCMP has not confirmed that they ever did investigate our criminal complaint against individual BCSC employees and executives. Also note that Paul Bourque, BCSC Executive Director resigned July 10, 2016.
Peter Harris

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