Sunday, 26 June 2016

WE NEED A MEDIATOR not Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP

The RCMP have better things to do...

WE NEED A MEDIATOR not Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP

From: Peter D. Harris []
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 9:40 PM

To: Brenda M. Leong, BCSC, Chair and CEO

Cc: Christopher Burke, UGO Brands Nutritional Products Inc.; Commissioner, RCMP "D: Division Headquarters; Inspector Brent Mundle - Kelowna RCMP; Nick ROMANCHUK - Kelowna RCMP; President Marianne Ryan, Deputy Commissioner, K-Division R.C.M. Police; The Honorable Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance; The Honourable Suzanne Anton - BC Minister of Justice

Subject: Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP

Dear Ms. Leong,

With all due respect Ms. Leong, I have a problem with the phone call Christopher Burke received from the RCMP this morning warning him to stop contacting you otherwise he will be charged with criminal harassment. 
Ms. Leong, do you honestly believe that the RCMP call people over the phone when dealing with criminal complaints? The Police always makes physical contact with the suspect. If the RCMP call people, the individual always identifies his/her RCMP “position” and his/her “full name.” No RCMP officer will call and identify himself has Constable “Pierre” of the Kelowna RCMP. Ms. Leong, I love the inside gag about “Pierre.” 

Ms. Leong, you and I both know that this phone call never originated from the RCMP.
Would you know why someone would call Christopher Burke impersonating an RCMP Officer, telling Christopher to stop contacting you?
I do not believe this is a coincidence Ms. Leong and this nonsense has to stop; you need to take charge as CEO you are legally accountable and morally obligated to perform your duties to the best of your abilities as mandated in your personal contract.
Ms. Leong, do you comprehend how many lives and good companies you and your Commission have destroyed over the years for no good reason? 
How can you justify the fact that you are not dealing with our concerns and allegations?
We are human beings Ms. Leong, and you and your Commission treated us like garbage and never showed us one once of respect and consideration. Shame on all of you!


Peter Harris 

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