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Insider Trading Facilitiated By McCarthy Tetrault LLP

I apologize to those who may have been waiting, sometimes one just has to chill for a while, as promised however here are the beginning of the McCarthy Tetrault files.. this is just a sneak peak..

McCarthy Tetrault and its undue Influences on the Judicial and Regulatory System:

McCarthy Tetrealt is among the most powerful in law firms in North America, certainly Canada. It was the main influence in the development of the BC Securities Act 1996 (rsbc). It wields much more influence over constitutional policy matters and our judicial system in seemingly every province then it should , its arms include at the very least financial and media branches that are not insignificant.

McCarthy Tetrault is the outside legal firm that the BC Securities Commission uses to do its dirty work and attempt to intimidate people into silence as well as help the BCSC find new ways to hide and commit crimes.

How can a Law Firm operate ethically and free of conflict of interest when it writes the rules for a game in which it gets to play against everyone else?

 We want to make it clear that we understand that not all employees at McCarthy Tetrault (like in any agency) are aware of the sinister agenda and actions of their employer. We are certain their are many individuals who truly mean well and have no involvement in the criminal behavior of a few. Unfortunately however for some time certain members of McCarthy Tetrault as well as policies and actions indicate that there are elements inside McCarthy Tetrault that are criminal and treasonous.

McCarthy Tetrault Blogs
The following are list of its Blogs which on the surface are innocent enough, it is the number and scale however that allows them to create a media machine that upholds its image as a premier squeeky clean law firm that upholds the law and protects peoples rights. In the meantime all policy and actions of the firm McCarthy Tetrault seem to indicate an agenda that is sinister in nature and should be very concerning for all who value truth, human rights, freedom, etc.

 There is nothing criminal about these blogs however the influence of them should not be ignored.

Questions about Media related to McCarthy Tetrault.

A whole host of privately owned digital media companies appear to have connections to McCarthy Tetrault LLP. The links to some of them are posted below

Of concern are the theme's of some of these 'news sites for industry insiders' as they describe themselves, one is called Above the Law.

Okay, maybe they are having a bit of fun with things, a creative licence for branding however when the next website that are associated with it are others such as Break Gov, Above the Law Redline, and Breaking Defence you begin to wonder if McCarthy Tetrealt does not have a hidden agenda and is simply flaunting it abuse of the Rule of Law in public while pushing its propaganda.

 See the following snapshot
Is McCarthy Tetrault trying to send a subliminal message to the legal community through its affiliations with 'Insider' Media sites such as Above the Law?
See the arms of the private media group Breaking Media in the snapshot below. Who owns Breaking Media, who are the investors?
 We have some serious questions for McCarthy Tetrault and their client BCSC CEO Brenda Leong, among them why does the BCSC CEO feel the need to hire an outside law firm to defend herself?

McCarthy Tetrault and a few of its Criminal Activities

Exerts from the Water Wars saga include further evidence of the criminal actions of Canada's largest and most powerful law firm.

This section is copied from the website The direct link will be provided below.

What you are going to read here, you will not find on the McCarthy Tetrault web site.

You can read McCarthy Tetrault's puffery and platitudinous self-aggrandizement on its web site at:

This role of McCarthy Tetrault in the “Water War Crimes” that took place in respect of the proposed sale of bulk water to the United States is largely hidden. These pages shed some light on that story and is divided into seven parts as follows:

Part 1. Insider Trading Facilitated By McCarthy Tetrault.

Part 2: McCarthy Tetrault Conceals Conflict of Interest

Part 3: The Judicial Robbery of Ms. Gibbs by a Former McCarthy Tetrault Partner.

Part 4: McCarthy Tetrault Recruits Chretien Advisor - John Manley.

Part 5: McCarthy Tetrault Partner, Tim Murphy, Infiltrates Prime Minister Paul Martin's Office.

Part 6: McCarthy Tetrault Infiltrates the Law Society of British Columbia.

Part 7: McCarthy Tetrault Infiltrates the Office of the BC Provincial Court Chief Judge.

Part 8: McCarthy Tetrault Infiltrates the Supreme Court of Canada.

Part 1:  Insider Trading Facilitiated By McCarthy Tetrault

In September 1989, the Government of British Columbia, secretly and illegally, violated the newly entered trade agreement between Canada and the United States known as the Canada US Free Trade Agreement or CUSFTA. It did this by granting to a Vancouver company, W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. (WCW), favorable terms for access to fresh water for export that were not made available to anyone else, including American business enterprises, a right the American government had secured by the treaty, CUSFTA, with Canada.  Usually, a company like WCW, was required to disclose the material terms of a contract like its September 1989 Agreement if it was offering shares for sale through a stock exchange. This is the general rule in Securities legislation throughout North America.

The problem WCW had that was that its September 1989 Agreement was illegal. The Agreement was a violation of the
CUSFTA and a violation of the Water Act, domestic legislation passed by the legislature of British Columbia. If WCW wished to sell its shares and disclosed to the market place the real terms of its Agreement there would have been be a hue and cry from its competitors, heads would roll inside the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia,and the British Columbia Government would have been be forced to provide a similar opportunity to other companies in the bulk water export business thereby depriving WCW of the advantage it has secretly acquired
. To solve its problem, WCW retained McCarthy Tetrault, and through devious and undisclosed means, McCarthy Tetrault persuaded the Ontario Securities Commission to grant WCW an unique exemption from full and open disclosure of the material terms of its September 1989 Agreement. In this manner, McCarthy Tetrault assisted an insider trading scheme carried out by (WCW) that saw some shareholders and privileged insiders benefit secret knowledge.

This web site is the first official publication of theses facts which have been a closely guarded secret by
McCarthy Tetrault, the Government of British Columbia and the Government of Canada

In 2004, in a warehouse in Burnaby, B.C. , Mr. Carten, with the assistance of
Colin Beach,
the president of Aquasource Ltd, examined the WCW corporate files that proved McCarthy Tetrault had been a party to what can be fairly described as a massive stock market fraud.

The involvement of
McCarthy Tetrault in a stock market fraud, a criminal or quasi-criminal activity, explains much of perverse conduct by McCarthy Tetrault and its agents towards Mr. Carten and Ms Gibbs between 1997 and the present date - that is described below.

Part 2:  McCarthy Tetrault Conceals Conflict of Interest

When Mr. Carten obtained a copy of the contract between WCW and the Government of British Columbia, in 1997, he immediately concluded that it was a violation of the CUSFTA and, being completely unaware that McCarthy Tetrault had previously acted for WCW, contacted McCarthy Tetrault office in Ottawa to provide a confirming legal opinion.

Instead of advising Mr. Carten that it had “a conflict of interest” due to its prior involvement with WCW, McCarthy Tetrault agreed to provide Mr. Carten with the confirming legal opinion.

A copy of the McCarthy Tetrault legal opinion, signed by Riaz Dattu, shown in the photo, can be found online at
: astute observer will recognize the tactic employed by McCarthy Tetrault against Mr. Carten was a deception. Under generally accepted principles of legal ethics and commercial morality, McCarthy Tetrault should have declined the retainer. However, by accepting the retainer, McCarthy Tetrault became privy to confidential information from Mr. Carten and his client Sun Belt Water Inc.

With one hand, McCarthy Tetrault offered trust and a fiduciary relationship and with the other hand it reached out to stab Mr. Carten in the back.”

Source -

 This is just sneak peak as the criminal behavior of one of Canada's most prestigious law firms, as always stay tuned for more.. The next leaks will include serious criminal offences committed by McCarthy Tetrault

 As always stay tuned for more

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