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Dear Brenda Leong CEO of the BC Securities Commission - The Police Called Me For You.. Why Cant You Make the Call Yourself?

Dear Brenda Leong CEO of the BC Securities Commission,

   Constable Pierre called to let me know you feel I have been harassing you. He stated you would be charging me with harassment if I continued to contact you. Ms. Leong, you work for a public agency! Its your job to answer my questions! Furthermore I have not made any veiled or unveiled threats I have simply stated the truth. We filed criminal charges against you last year and you have conspired to have them stifled and obstruct the course of justice. See here.
 Ms. Leong my recent outburst is well warranted, when you target my family as your thugs attempted to intimidate my girlfriend last week on the ferries specifically I get angry.
 So you back off, I back off. I will not however stop telling the truth. Before we go any further I suggest that the simplest way to solve this is for you to hire a mediator to work with us. If you want to end this we can do so by beginning talks immediately.
You are accountable to the public and must operate under the rule of law..
 As per both your BCSC Rule Book, The BC Securities Act 1996 RSBC and the Canadian Constitution Act of 1982.

Do not forget the purpose of the rule of law which you are supposed to uphold.

The Rule of Law is Like a Tree

  Let us consider the principles and purposes of the law and the rule of Law. Keep in mind, the Law, and the 'Rule of Law' in a Democratic, fair, and just society are like a Tree trunk that stands tall and strong so as to be able to best support the branches it proffers. The Roots of the tree reach into the Earth, the Earth is the people and the environment, the Roots are the Judiciary that is mandated with upholding the Law, they bridge the gap between the Law and the people.

  If the Roots rot and no longer serve their purpose they can no longer support the Tree which is the Law. The purpose of the Tree is to sustain life, the Tree supports an ecosystem within, under and all around its branches. Without a healthy tree with strong roots in the Earth, the Earth will become barren, desolate and dry. Consider the Branches of the Tree trunk that is the Law or the Rule of Law.
The Branches represent a few different things, the Branches are the regulatory systems whose purpose is to protect the public and the intent and spirit of the Law. On the other hand they also represent our case law which builds upon previous precedent as the Judiciary has some freedom in establishing the boundaries of the law on an individual basis. This is not so that the Judiciary or the Law may choose to arbitrarily favour one man over the other, this is so that a judge may better assure that the fundamentals of justice are adhered to when making a ruling on Civil and Criminal matters that could have a wide range of consequences including prison and punitive damages. If the Branches of a Tree become overgrown and forget their purpose they begin to harm the Tree and an ecosystem rather then shelter and sustain it.

  Often branches grow so far away from the trunk of the Tree that is the Law that they need to be pruned and clipped in order to ensure the Tree maintains balance and life. Sometimes a Tree does not get pruned or clipped, the Branches become unruly and forget their purpose. They stretch out far farther then is healthy for them and soon they snap in the wind or perhaps they begin to pull the whole tree down. This begins to make the ecosystem underneath it vulnerable and soon the wind carries away the dirt and begins to expose the Roots of the Tree. This leads the Roots of the Tree to begin to rot. More Branches forget their purpose and extend far beyond the original intent before they too snap because now the rotting Roots are beginning to affect the entire tree, the Tree is starting to no longer be able to serve its purpose and will soon die. In order to ensure the health of the ecosystem that the Tree used to protect the Tree must now be burned by a fire in order to allow for new growth and a new Tree or the Tree must simply be dug up and replaced with a new healthy Tree.

  Right now you the Provincial and National public officials and bureaucrats who guide the future of our nation represent the Roots and Branches of this Tree, unfortunately too many of you have forgotten your purposes and allowed these Branches to grow to a magnitude that is no longer healthy for the Tree and the ecosystem it harbours. The Roots of the Tree are rotten, signing an agreement such as the TPP or continuing the systematic fraud you call 'regulation' is evidence that the Branches have forgotten their purpose and no longer work in the best interest of the Tree or the Earth they are supposed to protect. Will you trim the Branches and ensure they continue to grow in a manner that is in the best interest of everyone? Or will you allow the Branches to serve themselves and thus begin the sequence of self-destruction and decay.
  Ms. Leong the truth is that I have simply been demanding answers for the myriad of crimes committed by your employees under your watch with your knowledge.
 You and your agency have constantly used your position of office to abuse your powers and obstruct the course of justice. This will no longer be tolerated.
 There is no justification under the rule of law, in an agency that is supposed to act in a fair and unbiased manner that should allow for you to withhold 600 pieces of evidence from someone in the course of prosecuting them.
 There is no justification under the Rule of Law for the kinds of crimes your employees commit on a regular basis against the public of BC.
Why do your employees feel the need to commit perjury to make a case?
 Why do you feel I am harassing you when I am simply asking you to do your job and answer us for actions taken by you and your employees under your watch?

Questions regarding the BC Securities Commission:
How can a Regulatory Agency mandated with ensuring fair and ethical actions in the marketplace maintain any legal credibility when it operates in the following manner?

  • Holds hearings without records, according to the BCSC rules its the master of its own domain in legal proceedings. How can a legal ruling be made with unbiased integrity when as they themselves said they only sometimes record said hearing? 
  • How can an agency be trusted to make a fair and impartial decision in a case when it knowingly uses the testimony of an investigator who has perjured herself multiple times?
  • Why would a Regulatory and Enforcement agency in charge of maintaining the integrity of the financial markets mislead citizens who went to them for help for seven months in regards to the reporting of Fraud?
  • Why would the BCSC lie to U-GO Brands directors in regards to Klaus Glusings fraudulent activities?
  • Why would a BCSC investigator tell the lawyer for U-Brands that he is going to let us proceed with issuing shares in U-GO Brands although he knows we may be in contravention of the Act by doing so?

  • Why would the lawyer and the BCSC lead us on to think its all legally ok when they know they are entrapping us into committing an offense against the Act?
  • Why would an agency tasked with protecting shareholders in BC actively work to destroy a legitamate company and in doing so lose 400 shareholders money?
  • How can the BCSC justify posting private banking info online on its website TWICE contrary to the privacy act?
  • -Why would the BCSC illegally Cease trade trust accounts then lie to cover it up?

  • How can the BCSC justify attempting to prosecute us for fraud well after they know we are innocent of fraud?
  • Would the BC Securities Commission break into someones hotel illegally and hack their laptop if they are desperate to pin a crime on someone and cant?
  • Would the BCSC hire surveillance teams and choppers to intimidate citizens into silence if it cant scare them into silence with the threat of a lawsuit?
  • Would the BCSC attempt to force citizens to settle for all the allegations facing them including fraud even if they know the fraud charges are not true?

  • Is entrapment and collusion standard protocol for the BCSC?
  • Do the rule of law and due process not apply to the financial markets?
  • What about the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?
  • What about the right to a fair and impartial trial (Hearing) in any legal proceeding
 Ms. Leong we are simply sick of the obstruction of justice and it is fully within our rights to ask these questions and demand accountability from the BC Securities Commission.

 So Ms. Leong will you do the right thing and hire a mediator to resolve our differences or will you further obstruct the course of justice by having Constable Pierre arrest me? Let me know because I can make myself available to go to the Kelowna detachment.

 Have a good weekend

Christopher Burke

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