Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Contrary to the BC Securities Commission and its constant insistence that we were a danger to the public and failed to turn our minds to the law, this conversation between investigator William Ting and our Lawyer Theresa Tomchuck of Farris Law. We hired Farris to ensure compliance, we approached the BC Securities Commission in order to ensure that we could legally give all the old shareholders of Spyru shares in a new company - U-GO Brands and save their investments.
 U-Go Brands had a viable operation with product in a few hundred stores on the West Coast and 30,000 in US and Canada placing orders.

 We informed BCSC officials at the outset that we were aware some of the Spyru money raised would have contravened the Act and would pay any penalty involved including stepping down in order to ensure the continuance of U-GO Brands and the preservation of the shareholders capital.

 In the following email Mr. Ting begins what is a procedure of entrapment, Mr. Ting shows he is aware of our intentions to protect the U-GO Brands.. he lets things proceed..

Again more deception from the beginning on the behalf of the BCSC, they are aware of our plight and what we want to do to save the shareholders and yet they still continue to try to make a case based on lies.
 The Executive Director even has Securities Acts legislation that allows for exemptions in such cases as can be reasonably proven from certain provisions in the Act such as Distribution without a Prospectus. This is not a legal brief and I've typed a lot in the last few weeks and Im taking it easy for couple days so I will not include these aspects of the Securities Act at this time. However the lawyers all know exactly what I'm talking about. Why are they all silent if we are lying? 
 These exemptions are there to ensure there is an opportunity for justice in unique circumstances such as the U-GO Brands/Spyru case.
 Such clear disregard for the law, due process, and the truth however outline that this was a malicious vindictive prosecution from the beginning based on deception and lies on the part of the BC Securities Commission.
 Peter Harris
Christopher Burke


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